Am I A Prime Candidate For A Holistic Nurse Certification

Holistic nurses play the primary caregiving roles performed by Registered Nurses (RNs) but they also go the extra mile of crafting, introducing, and maintaining complementary treatment strategies that help their patients heal physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

Though holistic nursing goes back thousands of years to ancient times, it has only recently gone mainstream. Holistic nursing was formally accepted in the US healthcare industry in 2006, and since then, the demand for the services of holistic nurses has only continued to grow.

With holistic nursing practices disrupting the healthcare industry, many prospective nurses continue to ask themselves… “Am I ready to receive a holistic nurse certification?” Here is how to know if a career as a holistic nurse is for you …

For starters, you need to be willing to embrace the idea of spending many hours in nursing school either to get an associates degree or (ADN) or nursing degree (BSN). You also need to sit and pass the RN examination. After becoming an LN or RN, you need to ask yourself the following questions …

• Are you committed to enhancing your self-care and practicing mindfulness? – As a holistic nurse, you need to be at your best self physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally to be able to offer your patients meaningful advice on these areas. 

• Do you acknowledge that each person is a divine and spiritual individual? – Holistic nursing approaches borrow a lot on non-traditional treatment methods that rely on reflection of the divine and mastering spirituality.

• Do you passionately care for the environment? – Holistic nurses believe that sickness in the planet is directly linked to increased cases of diseases and illnesses. As such, they also advocate and uphold the care of the environment for the benefit of their patients.

• Are you good at setting and following-up on milestones? – Holistic nurses have the responsibility of crafting recovery plans for their patients. To succeed as a holistic nurse, you need to connect with patients at a deeper level that allows you to evaluate their progress, discern their needs, and set achievable milestones in their recovery journey.

• Do you enjoy spending time with your patients? – Holistic nurses need to forge deep inter-personal connections with patients. This is the only way that they can forge the critical emotional and spiritual connection with their patients.

• Do you believe in the efficacy of complementary and alternative medicine? – Holistic nurses go above offering traditional medication to patients. In addition to prescribed medications, they also explore complementary therapies and non-traditional medicine that can uplift the wellbeing of their patients.

If you answered “Yes” to all the questions posed above, you would make a great holistic nurse.

With the qualifications above, all you need to join is a great holistic nurse coach program that offers board-certified holistic nurse certification exams.

Now we have determined that you qualify for the holistic nurse certification, here are some of the personal and professional benefits that come with being a holistic nurse…

• You will learn about how to practice spirituality, mindfulness, and work towards progressive personal growth

• You will have the freedom to explore unconventional treatment approaches for your patients

• You will get more career openings

• You will have the freedom to open your own care practice or nurse coaching program 

• The freedom to become your own employer will come with flexible working hours

• The holistic nurse certification comes with better pay

• You will be at the forefront of transforming the healthcare industry

The nursing community is tight-knit, more so for holistic nurses. When choosing a holistic nurse training program, focus on one that gives you access to a community of professionals with whom you can share your experiences, challenges, discoveries, and wins. It is also important to ensure that the program offers certificates that are recognized by professional bodies such as ANHA AND AHNCC.

Getting a Holistic Nurse Certificate is the Way to Go!

Employment trends indicate that the demand for holistic nurses is likely to grow by over 9% through 2023. This can only mean that many patients have seen the efficacy of the treatment approaches offered by holistic nurses. 

As a holistic nurse, you will have the freedom to explore combinations of therapies such as massage, mindfulness, sound therapy, exercise, and cognitive therapy, among others to enhance the overall wellbeing of your patients. The most important thing to always remember as a holistic nurse is that you should constantly review the treatment approaches you are using on your patients to determine their efficacy. You should then analyze the results to determine when and if changes are appropriate.

At this point, you may be asking where you can enroll for a quality program that offers board-certified holistic nurse certification. It’s simple. Apply for the Transformative Nurse Coach Program by the Nurse Coach Collective. This nation-wide program is currently accepting applications. Here you will find a community of holistic nurses started by holistic nurses who will help you become the best caregiver you can be.