Herbalife and Jonathan Dos Santos Come Together to Make the World Healthier

PR Newswire recently published an article titled, “Herbalife Nutrition Signs LA Galaxy’s Jonathan Dos Santos to a Multi-Year Sports Nutrition Sponsorship”. The article details the recent partnership between the global nutrition company dedicated to helping people become healthier through nutrition, and the LA Galaxy’s midfielder, Jonathan dos Santos. Dos Santos signed a multi-year sponsorship with […]

Was NPR Right About Rocketship Education?

NPR raised a lot of questions against the financial policies administration of Rocketship Education, arguing in favor of public schools. It is rather fallacious since the author even admits that their programs have significantly raised test scores. No charter school network is without its faults yet such a large-scale charter movement has not been attempted […]

5 Healthy Lifestyle Habits Every Jersey Girl Should Adopt

As a Jersey girl, you’re a class of your own. You’re confident, beautiful, efficient, and working your way up in your career. When you live in such a busy, constantly moving state, it’s important to always stay at the top of your game. Most of New Jersey’s residents live in major cities like Newark, Paterson, […]

Simple Tips for a Thriving Marriage

When we vow to love each other for better or for worse, we tend to picture dramatic situations. I vow to love you even when you break your leg, we think, dreamy-eyed, as we gaze into the equal dreaminess of our partner’s eyes. We’re not really thinking about how annoying it will be when spouses […]

How to Identify Moisture Spots Effectively

Moisture spots are caused due to atmospheric moisture getting trapped in an enclosed space, creating a moisture-pocket. Moisture spots in the house are caused primarily due to factors like improper ventilation and inadequate drainage and plumbing systems. They are a common yet nagging issue which results in a lot of hassle once it occurs. Moisture […]

Popular Party Games

Planning an event for young people is no easy task. Parties, carnivals, and fairs should offer fun and laid-back environments, but everyone from professional event organizers to average parents knows the truth: The planning phase is anything but fun However, you have plenty of ways to ensure smooth planning, and that the kids will remember […]