The Dangers of Bad Tenants

Real estate has real value. We all need places to live, work, and play, and there is only so much space to go around on our planet — and still less of it when we limit our searches to areas near employment and other attractions. So when you are able to secure an income property, […]

Throwing a Great Party

What’s more fun than a great party? A daytime get-together or a birthday night of fun surrounded by friends is the perfect way to relax. It’s even more rewarding being the host when everything from guests to food to decorations falls into place. Take inspiration from trends and throw in your own twist to personalize […]

Show Your Elderly Loved Ones You Care

It can be an incredible lifestyle shift to begin taking care of a loved one as they get older. Depending on their health, you may need to make big changes in your life and home to make sure they have the care and help they need to thrive. You have a great part to play […]

Coping with a Long-Term Illness

Few days have been as terrible as the day you learned of your long-term illness. Suddenly, recovery and life as you knew it were no longer a possibility. You may have been living with a long-term illness or disability for years now, or your journey just started. Either way, it’s important that you take the […]

America’s Natural Wonders

We’ve all heard of the Seven Wonders of the World, but what about the wonders that exist within our own borders? The United States is the fourth biggest country in the world based on land area, trailing only Russia, Antarctica, and Canada. When you sing along to “America the Beautiful,” you’re singing about the country’s […]

How to Make the Most of Your Summer Break

College is an exciting time. You’re learning new things, meeting new people, and growing as a person. Despite the grueling study hours, many people look back on college as one of the best times in their lives. You’re surrounded by a community, new ideas, and endless activities in which to partake. Coming home from college […]