Five Things To Do In A Small Colorado Town When Dodging Bad Boyfriends

It can happen to the best of us. You’re in this cozy, happy relationship. It’s all wearing sweats and watching Netflix and ordering in until one morning you wake up and overhear your couch partner negotiating a deal that’d make Don Corleone nervous. So what to do other than hightail it out of there and head for the comfort of your gram’s house nestled in a charming mountain town, thousands of miles away from your would-be-gangster boyfriend?

But you’ve spent so much time in the big city, you’re at a loss. You can’t spend all your time eating scones, drinking tea, and watching Match Game reruns with grams. What else is there to do? With that, here are five things to do in a small Colorado town after fleeing your bad-boy west coast boyfriend.  

  1. Find the local eatery. Colorado is just filled with amazing local foods. You don’t need to look far to avoid franchises and take in some real local eating. Also? Great place to learn about the locals, get the hot gossip, and maybe even bump into that strong and sexy sheriff you couldn’t help but notice!
  2. Be one with nature! As one of the most naturally gorgeous states in the country, Colorado can quickly take your breath away … and not only because of the Mile High City’s high elevation! With natural landmarks such as Pike’s Peak, Red Rocks, and even part of the Grand Canyon, you’re never far from some natural sightseeing. 
  3. Tune in, tune out. If that’s your thing. It’s no secret Colorado is one of the first states to legalize the recreational use of certain *ahem* substances, but the all-natural highs available are hard to be equaled. Hiking the many mountains and parks will make your heart full if a little tired. You’ll soon know why it’s referred to as God’s Country. The Rocky Mountain High John Denver immortalized is as real and as potent today as it was in the ‘70s. Nothing like natural mountain air and crisp, endless trees to make you forget about your clingy old love interest, after all. 
  4. Hit the slopes! Sundance is known for its film festival, but the area also offers unprecedented skiing. Other areas such as Vale are also insanely popular. Don’t worry: there are beginner trails for those who are more interested in taking in the sights via ski lift and putting in just enough effort to justify a cozy, hot coffee and meal back at the lodge. Speaking of … 
  5. Did you know Colorado is home to one of the biggest literary cultures in the country? Authors such as Jack Kerouac, Sandra Dallas, David Wroblewski, Diane Mott Davidson, Stephen White, Stephen Graham Jones, and more have not only lived in the state but used it as a setting for some of their most notable works. It’s not hard to find an amazing bookstore nestled into a small mountain town, such as the stunning Georgetown, where you can get a great cuppa, ride an authentic steam train, then finish up by picking out a stack of books at one of the local coffee shops and pass a few hours in a personal paradise all your own! Naturally, we’d recommend the Rocky Mountain Romances series by Virginia Fox. We found these books have a whole lot of ‘just right’ going for them! 

You can certainly keep yourself busy while living in a small Colorado mountain town, especially if you’re willing to get out and be a little adventurous. There’s a lot to keep your mind off of your clingy ex-boyfriend while building a ton of new experiences all your own. Just don’t forget to bring Grams some good souvenirs and stories after your excursions … you’ll both appreciate your newfound life!

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