Improving Your Health with A Plant-Based Lifestyle, Escape the Meatrix

Are you someone who loves eating animal-based processed food? In a week, do you eat vast amounts of animal-based food such as chicken, beef, pork, and meat? Do you perhaps eat more animal-based foods than fruits and vegetables in general? If you answered ‘Yes’ to those three questions, you might want to reconsider your food choices.

“Eat plants, feel great, and save the planet!” That is Stuart Waldner’s mantra in his upcoming debut novel Escape the Meatrix, a health book released on October 11 under Houndstooth Press.

Escape the Meatrix is a nonfiction book about the environment, health, and well-being that includes statistics and personal experience backed by study and scientific proof. Stuart Waldner bravely exposes the Meatrix as what it was—a conditioning tool that led people to believe that animal-based products were natural and essential. The book demonstrates how adopting a plant-based diet can benefit one’s health in a way supported by science and study. Additionally, it prevents the effects of climate change, which could cause more significant issues for future generations. Readers are encouraged by Stuart Waldner to question the status quo and resist following the growing trend of animal-based consumerism.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Ever wonder why the world focuses more on drugs and treatments instead of just blatantly preventing sickness from happening? That’s because the Meatrix benefits from it. We get diseases through eating unhealthy amounts of animal-based food.

Stuart Waldner himself grew up in a place where diseases and addictions are rampant. It is why Stuart decided to adjust his lifestyle to give himself the best chance of avoiding the illnesses he saw in his family and the people around him. One can prevent chronic diseases by taking care of oneself, eating healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits, exercising, and more. Plant-based food is also proven to lessen the chances of getting a heart attack, cancer, stroke, chronic respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, renal disease, hypertension, and many more. 

Effects of Plant-Based Lifestyle on Your Health

Yes, eating burgers and pizza is a guilty pleasure that all of us can’t resist. But even though processed foods like these are delicious, they are bad for our bodies if taken in significant amounts in the long run. “Does that mean we can’t eat burgers and pizzas anymore?” No, you can still eat those favorites. That’s where plant-based food comes in. Plant-based burgers have lower calories and cholesterol compared to meat-based burgers. Choosing a plant-based alternative can help you maintain weight without even trying.

Aside from that, another reason why plant-based foods are outstanding is that animal-based food is proven to be detrimental to our health. An unhealthy diet will increase your chances of having chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and how it improves one’s health and saves the planet, grab a copy of Escape the Meatrix!

You can check out and pre-order Escape the Meatrix: Eat Plants, Feel Great, and Save the Planet! on Amazon.

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