6 Things to Know Before You Start Dating a Nurse

Compassionate, caring and always willing to listen, nurses sound like the perfect romantic partners. While they certainly bring these qualities to a relationship, dating a nurse isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

Here are six things you need to know before you start dating a nurse.

1. They Work Long Hours

Be prepared for date nights to fall on weird nights. And if you ever do move in together, there may be days you only see each other for an hour. Some couples enjoy having that space from each other. It gives you a chance to miss your significant other.

On a bright note, many nurses only work 3-5 days a week. But on the days that they do work, it’s usually 12 hours at a time. Your nurse may come home exhausted and ready to plop right into bed.

2. Their Bedside Manner Isn’t the Best

Don’t expect your nurse to fuss over you when you’re hurt or sick. Cut your hand? You’ll be fine. Need stitches? It’s going to be okay. Got the flu? Rest and you’ll be fine in a week.

Nurses are exposed to serious illnesses and injuries every day, so your little cut or bruise won’t phase them.

But here’s the good thing: your nurse can be your own personal medical dictionary. And if something is serious, you can be sure that your nurse will know what to do.

3. Their Wardrobe is Limited

Nurses live in scrubs. They have a closet full of Grey’s Anatomy uniforms and maybe one or two regular outfits.

If you plan to go out somewhere fancy for dinner, give your nurse some notice. A shopping trip may be in order.

4. Their Work Friends are Family

Nurses spend a lot of time with their co-workers. It’s no surprise that most work friends become family. Their work friends know everything about their lives, and they help each other through life’s problems.

Your nurse will look forward to spending time with these friends. They make the long shifts tolerable – and maybe even fun.

5. You’ll be Exposed to Germs – Lots of Them

There’s no way around it – you will be exposed to a lot of germs while dating a nurse. They come home with who-knows-what on their scrubs. Hospitals may be sterile, but the people who walk into them certainly aren’t.

But look on the bright side: all of that exposure will probably strengthen your immune system. Colds may soon become a thing of the past. But you may want to keep some extra Emergen-C on hand just in case.

6. They’re Great Listeners and Counselors

Nurses are counselors by nature. It’s part of their job. If you have a problem, they’re sure to listen without interrupting. Many who enter the nursing field are compassionate and empathetic, so your problems will not be ignored.

Dating a nurse may come with a few surprises and your relationship will be far from conventional thanks to their strange schedules. But their caring nature and dedication makes them great life partners.