Iceland Honeymoon: The Best Things to Plan for the Newly Married Couple

Intimate and romantic are common descriptions typically associated with honeymoons. The post-nuptial vacation is the time to decompress, bask in the joy of wedded bliss, and create precious memories with each other. For non-traditional couples who like to add a little flare, and trip to Iceland is the icing on the cake. From iconic scenery, intimate hot springs, black sand beaches, and glimmering glaciers, here are some of the best things to plan for the newly married couple. 


The volcanic island of Iceland is world-famous for its hot springs and geothermal pools. Iceland is positioned above two clashing tectonic plates that generate a lot of geothermal activity. This geothermal warmth means there are plenty of hot water sources around to take advantage of. Hot springs are natural pools in which a hot water sources rises from the ground containing natural minerals. The country is dotted with hot springs, which are perfect for free romantic relaxation.  

Just because vows have already been exchanged doesn’t mean that capturing honeymoon memories aren’t as important as the big day. Iceland wedding photographers specialize in capturing the beauty of the country and the memories of the big day. Iceland-based wedding photographers have professional teams that are knowledgeable about the iconic landscape, adventurous destinations, and where to avoid touristic locations. You might want to continue reading to learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional photographer to document your honeymoon.

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Drive Ring Road or the Golden Circle

Ring Road is a 1,332 kilometer long circle road that connects the entirety of Iceland. Also known as Route 1, this impeccable scenic drive is dotted with glaciers, waterfalls, winding roads, horses, and prime views of the Northern Lights. There are plenty of opportunities to stop along the way at any time to enjoy the natural splendor of the island. This iconic drive is meant to be enjoyed over the course of several days. The trip is also great for camping. 

For a less time-consuming road trip, there is the Golden Circle. This 300 kilometer route circles around the capital city of Reykjavik and can be easily completed in a day. The Golden Circle is filled with plenty of Iceland’s natural beauty; notable sights along the way include Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall, the geysers Geysir and Strokkur, and Kerið volcanic crater. 

Black sand beaches, glaciers, and icebergs 

Beaches conjure images of warm golden sand, sunshine, and blue waters. Iceland has plenty of beaches — black sand beaches to be specific — on the Southern Coast. The most famous of these dark and mysterious beaches in Iceland, and the world, is Reynisfjara Beach, located 180 kilometers from Reykjavík. Sand is the result of eroded rocks, and in the case of Reynisfjara, black sand is formed from eroded black volcanic rocks. 

There are several really fun outdoor activities to partake in, some in the extreme sport variety- perfect for a memorable experience. You can go skydiving, there is parachute gliding, and all of these activities are overseen by experts. For those that don’t feel to sure about going it alone, they can make the jump with you, leaving you free to enjoy the view and the exhilarating experience without it getting too scary.

Iceland is filled with glacier lagoons, the most famous of which is Jokulsarlon. Glacial lagoons are created when a melting glacier reaches sea level, and as the glacier tongue recedes, a depression is left behind in the ground which then fills with melt water. Some lagoons feature icebergs, tips of glaciers that break off and float in the lagoon. You can rent a fully-serviced and properly maintained boat or a canoe to the enjoy the view at your leisure. Everything from the boat fuel tank to the engine and everything in between is kept in perfect condition so that tourists have nothing to worry about, and are able to have fun and make a day of it.

The dramatic scenery and landscape of Iceland is perfect for adventure tours. It’s not everyday one has the opportunity to explore an ice cave, and Katlatrack strives to avoid usual tourist activities and instead deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Katlatrack offers adventure tours in South Iceland in the area surrounding Katla, the island’s most powerful volcano. They provide memorable ice cave tours of varying durations throughout the year, with each tour highlighting different aspects of the unique beauty of Iceland.