How to Find a Destination Photographer for your Iceland Wedding

Planning your destination wedding is naturally stressful while also remarkably exciting. Not only do you finally have the chance to really put the plans for your perfect day into action, but you also get to marry your best friend in a gorgeous venue, surrounded by the natural beauty of Iceland. 

No matter the type of wedding you’re planning, you must be careful not to let the most important wedding details get lost in a flurry of to-do lists and down payments. None of the decisions you’re making are trivial and they ultimately will have an impact on how smoothly your big day goes, but it is important to think about what is to come after your wedding day. You will want to show off your wedding pictures to friends and family, and of course your anniversary Instagram post, so don’t skimp out on your photographer. 

Who better to capture your perfect wedding in Iceland than a photographer who knows the land best? The pictures captured by your Iceland wedding photographer will be treasured by you and your significant other for the rest of your lives together. By choosing a photographer local to Iceland, you’re sure to be treated to the best sights and locations. Booking a photographer, or better yet, photography team, familiar with the landscapes could help you gain access to little-known locales such as caves or waterfalls hidden from those who don’t know the area that well. 

You do not have to sacrifice the artistry behind the memories captured on film for your ideal venue. Photographer Ann Peters and her team of a group of Americans living in Iceland are also available for and open to international travel, all to help you achieve the most incredible wedding photos for you to look back on. By relying on such experts, you’re sure to have photos to cherish for a lifetime.

Not only will the team photograph your wedding, but they can also help you plan and photograph the perfect proposal. After popping the question, things get real, but don’t worry, this team has got you covered.

As a non-native, it’s only natural that you may not be aware of the most romantic or idyllic place to hold your wedding. But local experts will help you find a location, work out your budget, secure transportation and a hotel, and ultimately aid you in planning your dream destination wedding. Whether you want to hold your nuptials in front of a massive waterfall, inside of a glacier, or with the mystical highlands in the background, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect venue or outdoors location. 

Of course unexpected complications will arise when tying the knot in a different country, and it will probably include different legal requirements than marrying in the states, but the wedding planning team will help to ensure you are aware of and have the necessary paperwork in order and filed to make your destination wedding experience go as seamlessly as possible. 

Instead of taking on the trying task of planning a destination wedding all on your own, turn to the experts and take advantage of the resources at hand. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about all the planning you have to do in the coming months, follow your checklist and make the leap. Taking the first big step to making your dream wedding become a reality can be as easy as finding a photographer with an expertise in destination wedding photography.