5 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Relationships naturally have their ups and downs; but this fact of life doesn’t make a boring or nonexistent sex life any better. 

For many people, sex is intrinsically tied to their confidence, including their confidence in themselves, their confidence with their partners, and their confidence with their ability to perform. Even though every couple has the occasional slouch in their sex life, this doesn’t mean you have to wait for it to get better. In fact, there are a few simple ways to break out of a sexual slump that just about anyone will love. 

Are you ready to transform your sex life? Try these fun tips to turn your bedroom from boring to bombastic. 

Get a vibrator

While it might seem like a vibrator is a woman-friendly toy, any and all genders can enjoy the sensuous hum of a vibrator. This handy toy comes in a range of shapes and sizes, making it the perfect addition to vanilla — or kinky — sex. While studies have found that about 60% of women own women’s sex toys, sex therapists won’t quit until they see every household equipped with this tool. 

Of course, this toy is plenty of fun when it’s used on areas below the belt. However, this toy can also be used on other areas of the body to promote intrigue and arousal. There’s a reason why the Hitachi Magic Wand is first, and foremost, a massager: any area of the body will enjoy the pleasant thrum a vibrator has to offer. Try indulging in this tool and experimenting with your partner; you never know what they might like. 

Buy sexy lingerie 

This tip is as old as time, but it’s on the list for a reason: it works. Sexy lingerie can serve a variety of purposes when it comes to spicing up your sex life. 

First, it shows your body in a new light. Lace, frills, and fun colors are something that your partner rarely gets to see you in. Just the act of wearing something new can pique your partner’s interest. This is especially fun if it comes as a surprise. 

But it can also be a fun bonding opportunity for the couple. Picking out the coolest lingerie around will ensure you get the best of both worlds for either partner: comfortable for me, but colorful for them. When you wear lingerie under your clothes, it can also work as a fun tease throughout the day since only you two know what lies underneath. 

Invest in sexy costumes 

Even though Halloween is right around the corner, the bedroom is the perfect location for all things “costume.” Exploring each other’s fantasies can help shake up an old bedroom and turn it into something new: something exciting and sexy. If it turns out that your partner has a fantasy about a sexy nurse or a hot librarian, there are plenty of sexy costumes to choose from. 

Many sexy costumes already walk the line between costume and lingerie. If you’re working on a budget, investing in fantastical costumes can kill two birds with one stone — even three if you’re willing to show a little skin on Halloween. 

Even though you might feel silly putting on a costume, this unease will quickly go away when you get into it. Changing your appearance or getting dressed up allows you to change up your personality and become open to all sorts of things in the bedroom; a dominant can become more submissive or vice versa. Playing around with roles in the bedroom is one of the best ways to keep things interesting. 

Try new positions 

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be trying the kama sutra with your partner; no one should need to visit the walk-in chiropractor after a fun night. But just like putting on a costume can enable partners to explore their fantasies, so can new sexual positions. 

Start slow and experiment with variations on your normal routine. Jumping from zero to 100 hardly ever goes well. Be sure to have open and honest communication with your partner before, during, and after sex to talk about what worked and what didn’t. This is a great practice to keep your sex life healthy. You can learn more ways to improve your sexual health and sex life by reading a sex health magazine.

Don’t be afraid to talk 

Talking to each other and even talking to a professional can help reveal why your sex life hit a lull in the first place. When you’re truly ready to break out of a sexual drought, don’t hesitate to open the lines of communication.