Top 5 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Time of the Year to Propose

Even if statistics show that December is currently one of the most popular months you can propose in, we believe otherwise. It’s true that December and winter overall come with their charm, so to say, but spring has so much more to offer to the two people that will soon form a family.

Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we’ll tell you why spring is the best time of the year for you to propose! Let’s get it started.

The Colorful Surroundings

As we all know, spring comes with lush green gardens and beautifully colored flowers. Why? Because it is the season when all of the nature bursts to life – so, why wouldn’t your love burst to life as well?

Use the beauty of the nature around you to symbolize the new beginning – moreover, it will be one of your most beautiful memories in the future.

The Start of a New Year – Together

Even though in some countries spring can be hardly seen in the first month of the year – or even in the second -, the season may still be considered as the one that starts a new year.

Therefore, why not start your year with a proposal? As soon as the snow melts and the flowers start to bloom – the signs of a new year, of a new life – propose to your loved one and make Spring their favorite season.

The Spring Sunsets

It is well known that the sunsets in Spring come with more than just the beauty of a usual sunset – the setting sun paints the sky with beautiful, vivid hues of orange, making for a more romantic scene.

You could choose either the seaside or the mountaintops to propose – either way, if the sun is about to set, be sure that both of you will be impressed with the atmosphere you chose to propose in.

Under the Stars of Spring

As we know, Spring is still a bit chilly compared to the following seasons – so, why not take advantage of this, grab a couple of blankets, maybe even a tent, and spend the night under the stars?

There are little to no rains in spring, meaning that the stars will be easily visible. Who knows, maybe you’ll even catch a falling star, and both make a wish on what’s about to happen with the two of you.

The Sunny Outdoors

In the end, we cannot forget to mention the overall sunny outdoors you’ll be encountering in almost every single day of Spring. We all know that the Spring days are somewhat brighter, clearer than those of Summer.

Moreover, they come with that feeling of a new life that’s being offered to us. Thus, why not offer a new life in which the two of you are together, soon to be married? You will always remember the atmosphere, the sun, the blooming flowers, the maybe cold winds that are still present.

If you propose in spring, it is likely that you’ll always get chills when remembering this beautiful moment. But, pay attention to the one thing you should not forget to bring with you – the ring. If you are looking for something that can match your taste and style, then you can go for an option to choose you and your partner’s ring styles and design your own engagement rings. If you still can’t find the right one, you know who to rely on when it comes to oval engagement rings in UK.