How Men Express Love

We may not technically be from different planets, but men and women have different love languages, for sure. While women openly express their feelings in the majority of cases, men can be more recalcitrant. Apart from the most romantic of man – and they are out there – the male sex typically finds it harder to talk about their feelings. However, they do show it to the women they love. It’s crucial that women learn to recognize and acknowledge these efforts.

There’s a great line about this in Steve Harvey’s Relations Advice. ” If a man truly loves you, the fear of losing him should not be there because he would never leave. True love never fades, so pack up your insecurities and set on for a wonderful ride. Love is not in words but actions, so observe ladies.”

Signs That He’s Going to Stick Around

To help you ladies prepare and to let the guys know what they’ll be looking for, here are some ways that men show their love:

1. Actions speak volumes. Men don’t always verbalize their feelings as much as women would like. Here’s how they might “say” it with actions. Do you sometimes get breakfast in bed? Did he fix the creaking door or do the dishes? These are his way of saying he loves you.

2. They go the extra mile. A man in love wants to be good enough for his girl. He might start to dress nicely, get into shape and throw on some cologne on the regular when his special woman is nearby. Her opinion matters a great deal to him, and she may even get the coveted, “Honey, I need your help with something.” At this point, he is looking at the women with soulful, sappy eyes, and if that girl is you, you’re very lucky.

3. What can I do better? Love brings self-reflection. This is true of both men and women, of course. There’s something about opening up your heart that makes you want to be a better person all the way around. This question shows a deep physical or emotional connection and puts you at the top of his priority list.

“What is predestined for you, will fall into your life, the choice of keeping the right ones and eliminating the wrong ones is on you,” according to Steve Harvey.

4. I just called to say… Men in love or deep like call up their girlfriends or wives to check in during the day. It means they miss you, that they were thinking about you. This should be acknowledged with gratitude, not annoyance.

5. Superman is in. Men have a built-in need to protect women and sometimes don’t let their women deal with life’s hardships on their own. They may find it difficult to part from their girls, preferring to stick to their side like Clark Kent with Lois Lane.

Of course, sometimes, the greatest test of love is being able to let each other go graciously.

“That instant where you know both of you have different goals and aspirations, you should let your significant other go,” as Harvey puts it.