The Many Ways to Take CBD and Reap Its Benefits

In our modern society, there are plenty of way to remedy ailments or illnesses. Some ways are more traditional, focusing on the expertise of doctors and medication. Other ways are a bit more alternative, but that doesn’t make them any less popular and trying them can’t really harm you.

One product currently sweeping through the health and wellness conversation is CBD oil. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a non-intoxicating marijuana extract that can help treat a multitude of illnesses. Some of these include seizures, anxiety, and inflammation, but this extract is starting to be used for much more. And the plus side for consumers is that it comes in a variance of products, from oil to even a CBD vape. Here are a few ways you can consume CBD to reap its benefits.

Oils and tinctures

Taken using a dropper under the tongue, CBD oils and tinctures are one of the most common ways to consume CBD. Coming in a liquid form and considered a dietary supplement, oils and tinctures are high in potency. Tinctures are formed by soaking the herbs in alcohol — other products can be used in place of alcohol, but alcohol tends to create the most potent tinctures. If you are interested in buying it yourself, to control processing and quality, check out these 5 best CBD flower strains by Secret Nature.

Since they are rather potent, oils and tinctures are meant to be taken in small doses and placed under the tongue. Most come with a milliliters dropper, and others use an eye dropper. You can even mix it with food or a beverage if you find the taste to be too bitter.


Edibles are another form of consumable CBD that can be added to food and beverages. Although oils and tinctures can be added to foods as well, edibles are often premade for consumers and can be bought at stores that offer CBD products. For example, edible CBD gummies are available at some stores. With edibles, CBD is absorbed through the stomach and can take about two hours to enter the bloodstream.

Skin patches

Skin patches are another viable way of reaping CBD’s benefits. They come in the form of small adhesive patches that deliver CBD through the skin and release CBD into the body over a longer period of time (usually four to six hours). This is accomplished when the body heats up, sending spurts of CBD through the skin and into the bloodstream.

Lotions and creams

Lotions and creams are another way to absorb CBD through the skin, and they’re a popular choice among people with arthritis. Advocates of topical CBD treatments use it to assist pain from arthritis, sore muscles, and inflammation. Topical CBD accomplishes this by interacting with endocannabinoid receptors under the skin rather than being absorbed into the bloodstream.


Lastly, one can consume CBD through vapor inhalation. A tool, called a vape, heats up the CBD so that it can be inhaled. This is the quickest way to absorb CBD into the bloodstream, as when you inhale it into your lungs, it’s then sent to the bloodstream more quickly. CBD is also a discreet way to consume CBD in public, as it blends in with other vapes and related products.

Ultimately, everyone interested in CBD should consider how they want to consume it. One method may work for you, and another not so much, and that’s fine. So taking the time to try each out and list your pros and cons is important. Be sure to do some research into the different ways in which you can consume CBD and try them out for yourself.