Posting Photos Online for Free

Whether it’s videos or photos, you take pictures of your family, friends, and even vacation spots to cherish your best memories. If you’re a photographer, then you might be taking them for profit as well. However, it’s impossible to store all of those photos on your smartphone or digital camera because, eventually, the storage will become full and you’re left with the task of either deleting your pics or finding an online photo storage option that is affordable and works in a way that best suits your needs. 

Whether it’s for online storage or to share photos with family members and friends, there are many different reasons people post photos online. Ibi is a smart home device for managing and sharing online photos, and it is rising in popularity.

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There are also additional ways to post photos online. The following resources make it easy to post and they are free, as well. Here are a few ways to do so and the benefits of posting them on free online sites. 

Image uploading sites

Most image uploading sites are simple to use and free to post photos through as well. Most of them have services included such as security protection, support for social media sites, and even image editors. There are also many image sharing websites that allow you to share photos for free as well, and they include many of the same services. 

Social Networks

From Pinterest to Facebook and from Google Plus to Instagram, social media sites are extremely popular for posting photos, and they are free to use. Facebook is by far the most popular, as it’s simple to create an account and an album to load your photos onto. There are a few pros and cons to posting to social media sites that you need to be aware of, however, and it’s extremely important to follow safety rules, as well, as these sites can be hacked and your photos be shared everywhere. 

Safety tips for posting family photos online

Whether you’re using an image uploading site, a storage facility, or social media sites to post your pictures, there are dangers out there when it comes to posting your family pictures online. The following are a few safety tips to follow so that you can share your photos with family and friends, without giving away too much information or putting your family in danger. 

Turn off location apps 

Whether you’re sharing through Facebook or a Windows 10 photo app, you should turn off your location settings before you post your photos online. Turning off the location app stops people from finding out where the photo is from. 

Make sure your child’s school uniform can’t be identified

Whether it’s covering up the logo on your child’s school uniform or downloading a blurring app to blur it out, making sure your child’s school uniform can’t be identified before you post and share your photos is extremely important. For a child predator, something as simple as a logo on a uniform can easily lead him to your town, the school, and directly to your family. 

Make sure your social network pages are set to private

You don’t want to share the photos of your family with everyone in the world. Making sure to set your social network profiles to private before you post and share photos can ensure that only those you want to see your photos can and will. 

These are just a few of the places where you can post photos online for free and a few of the safety precautions you can take to ensure your photos are private and your family is kept safe. Act responsibly and share those family photos with pride.