How to Maintain a Social Life During a Lockdown

If you are someone who thrives off human interaction, if you like people and being around them, then the lockdowns have been especially difficult for you. With the return of lock downs, closed public venues, social distancing, and everything that goes with it, your social life has taken some serious hits. But if you are letting this get you down you shouldn’t. What you really need to do is embrace some of the new opportunities while not forgetting the protocols such as wearing an n95 mask. Here are a few tips on how to keep socializing during the pandemic.

  • Enhance Your Social Media Presence: You can’t go hang out at the club, but you are not missing out. Your friends aren’t there either. They’re all at home looking at their screens, and so are a lot more people that you would probably like to meet. There has never been a better time to polish your social media presence. If you are an influencer, you might want to go to the next level, to increase your followers, by investing in a Google Ad campaign with This might be your opportunity to launch a social media career.
  • Workout Online: If fitness is your thing, and you are going to be doing it at home. Then why not see if you can’t get a few friends interested in working out too. When people work out together they usually have better commitment and better results. Who knows, maybe when this all blows over, you will be rocking that six pack that you have been dreaming of.
  • Create a Virtual Happy Hour: If you don’t like to drink alone, and you are in the mood for a tipple, You might want to arrange a Zoom meeting with some friends and have your own online happy hour. It might seem a little strange at first, but at least you don’t have to worry about the designated driver.
  • Watch Parties: If your friends are all watching the same shows anyway, all it takes is a little planning and you can all watch the same shows at the same time. You can even set designated breaks so you can discuss what is going on in the program and what you will predict will happen. But try to avoid spoilers.
  • Take on a New Skill: This might be the time for you to focus on picking up some new skills, if you truly are the life of the party, chances are, some of your abilities are getting a little dated. Now you have a chance to learn some new moves for the dance floor. How about magic? Everyone loves a little bit of close-up magic. This is your opportunity to perfect a few routines that will thrill and amaze all your friends. It only takes a day to learn how to juggle. A little longer for the unicycle. There might be a future for you on Tik Tok.

This might also be the time for you to get to know yourself a little better, perhaps it is time to have a real good look at how things are going, and then maybe do something about the things you wish were different. The lockdowns are an excellent opportunity for self-improvement and to work on personal projects.