Covid-19 Solutions for Fitness Centres to Maintain Good Health

We are all suffering thanks to the global lockdown that Covid-19 ushered in, and if you used to visit a fitness studio a couple of times a week before the stay-at-home orders were issued, all is not lost. Fitness, Yoga and Pilates studios are embracing VoIP technology by offering virtual classes, where you interact with your instructor via a Zoom meeting.

Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP, like office phone systems uk, has been with us for a couple of decades, yet it is only since the pandemic that people have really been exploring the benefits of video conferencing, with many businesses continuing to operate thanks to virtual solutions. Many GPs are actually offering their patients virtual consultations, which helps to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus and other sectors that involve consultancy are using Zoom to good effect.

Getting Their Message Out

Businesses that offer virtual services need to get their message out to the people and the Internet is the platform to do just that, with digital marketing strategies such as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising performed by a reputable company like PPC campaign management services.

If you run a fitness center and would like to advertise your virtual classes, PPC by Move Ahead Media is a cost-effective way to inform the masses that you are open for business despite the lockdown.

Social media is another powerful marketing platform, with Facebook offering a platform to interact with your local community, and by engaging the services of a local digital marketing agency, your fitness programs will be fully booked months in advance. However if you’re interested on something that goes viral on social media, you may want to see some viral photos just like this Jimmy John Shark photo here!

What Do you Need?

If you would like to sign up for a virtual fitness course, all you need is your laptop, a stable Internet connection and a few square metres of floor space. You are advised to download the free version of Zoom and get some practical experience by calling a few friends – Zoom is very user friendly – and you have thumbnail video of your instructor and all the other people in the virtual class. You can communicate with your teacher or any of the other participants, with crystal clear audio and video and in some respects, it is very much the same as if you were all in the same location. Some people suffer from depression during the lockdown and enrolling in a virtual fitness class is very beneficial if you are lacking in social contact.

Online Solutions

If you would like to learn more about the virtual fitness classes in your local community, there are several ways to find them. You could search Facebook for fitness centres, or you could use Google, which will bring up a list of venues that are in your area. You will find that the majority of venues will now be offering virtual classes and you can enrol through their website, which is more than a little convenient. Make sure to check daily for Covid-19 updates, as things can change very quickly. In addition, the use of a Temperature Scanning Kiosk is getting normal in many public places and business professionals are also utilizing the same solution by placing it outside their premises. So the next time you’ll visit a public place, make sure to check this out.

Being confined to your home doesn’t have to mean you lose out when it comes to your physical fitness and you also get a lot socially from the experience and when the lockdown finally ends, you can meet up with your new virtual friends. Then you can become a personal trainer using a course from Train.Fitness so that you are fully qualified and can earn a lot of money as a top personal trainer.