Save your Relationship with a Romantic Holiday on a Chartered Yacht

The stresses of modern life can be challenging at the best of times and during this global pandemic, many relationships fall apart, especially when a couple are at home together, under lockdown. It is important for both people in a relationship to have their own hobby or pastime that they enjoy and while this is difficult when you are both confined to home, you should make an effort to schedule some ‘me’ time.

Time Together in a Suitable Environment

It isn’t always being together that causes a couple to argue, and in a different environment where there is no external pressure, togetherness takes on a completely new meaning. Nothing could be more romantic than a floating holiday on a yacht and if you make contact with Simpson Yacht Charter, they have a wide range of catamarans and yachts, all professionally crewed and ready to sail. You could, for example, fly to Phuket, in Southern Thailand, and book corporate yacht charters, then head off to explore the amazing Andaman Sea. You may also consider booking a Sightseeing helicopter charter to get a better view of the places you’ll be visiting.

Get Away from it All

The current pandemic causes people to suffer with stress and anxiety and as the global travel restrictions are eased, you could book a luxury yacht charter that will enable you and your partner to be free from the daily stresses of staying at home. There are no decisions to be made, other than which cocktail to order and where you will sail, everything else is taken care of by the crew and it might be that your relationship problems are due to the pandemic and its negative effect on your lives. When you charter a yacht, you get to choose your route and stop-off locations and as you are at sea, you don’t have to worry about social distancing. It might be that you and your partner are looking for something outside of traditional marriage, here are a few options to consider.

Online Solutions

Once you have worked out your available dates, search online for a premier yacht charter company and check out the amazing catamarans and yachts that are available to charter. Of course. You won’t need a superyacht for just you and your partner, they have catamarans that are very affordable and more than enough room for two people. Once you have chosen the vessel, you can talk to the charter company about a suitable route, and when you have made the booking, you can prepare your flights and get ready for a romantic holiday for two that might save your relationship.

Choose your Menu

When you charter a yacht, you decide on the menus and how the bar is stocked, plus you can take your own music on a memory stick that can be played on the boat’s sound system. When you want some activity, there’s always snorkelling and with a skipper who knows all the best diving spots, you and your partner will have the time of your lives. For more information about holidaying in Thailand, click here.

When you are both on your chartered yacht, preparing for a romantic cruise in the Andaman Sea, all your worries will be forgotten and you and your partner can re-energise your relationship with a romantic yacht cruise.

If you plan on going on these trips more often, you may want to consider investing in your own yacht. In addition, make sure that you protect it with a Yacht Insurance Policy.