7 Unique Activities for Connecting with Family and Friends

Maintaining relationships can be difficult. However, the following exciting ideas can inject new life into them. These unique and family-friendly activities include places to explore, games you can play and group activities that will help you improve your connection with your family and friends.

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1) Enjoy an escape room

Escape rooms are designed to be solved together. This is a common activity used by companies to promote teamwork. After a few minutes, you realize just how much you need each other in order to escape the room. It is an excellent activity for people of all ages and physical abilities.

2) Challenge yourself at an adventure park

These are mainly located in nature and tend to be full of challenges that both adults and children would be able to do. They can include zip lines, rope bridges, obstacle courses and climbing challenges.

3) Play laser tag or paint ball

Release your stress as well as your aggression by shooting your loved ones with lasers or paint balls. The concept is the same regardless of which you choose to do. You divide into opposing teams and once you have been shot, you are out. The last team standing is the winner. If you have a choice, keep in mind that some people find it a little painful to be shot with a paintball.

4) Start a gourmet dinner club

Get a group together and meet once a month to explore a new cuisine. Alternate hosts every month. The host chooses the cuisine and is responsible for the main dish. Everyone cooks a dish of the chosen cuisine by finding recipes and video tutorials online. 

Play modern or traditional music from that country. Dress up as the average celebrity from the chosen country. For example, if you choose the cuisine from Singapore, you can dress like the characters from the book and movie, “Crazy Rich Asians”. If you choose the cuisine from New Zealand, you can dress up as rugby players from the national team. Be open-minded and creative while staying away from stereotypes. Throw in some local trivia games for added entertainment.

5) Learn a new activity.

Hit the slopes together and learn how to ski or if you are near a beach with good waves, learn how to surf. Take a group course. Learn how to play golf together, take a cooking class or a painting course. If you are an adventurous bunch, you can try something more extreme. Kite surfing, bungee jumping or hang-gliding could be exciting.

6) Go for a nature hike or visit a national park. 

Pack some water and a snack or even a meal, then hit the trails together. Exploring nature is a way that will not only relax you, but it will also give you a much-needed connection to nature. By discovering nature with your family and friends, you can also reinforce the connection you have with each other.

7) Scream your head off at an amusement park.

There is nothing more bonding than fear. Go on the scariest roller coaster or discover the latest virtual-reality ride. Whether you drop from the tallest ride or just circle around on a carousel, the experience of doing it together will leave lasting memories.

There are many ways of connecting with your family and friends, but it all begins with an invitation to do so. It can be as exciting as any of the suggestions above or simply a chat over a hot drink on a chilly day. Regardless of what you choose, go and make the first move.