6 Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas for the rustic couple

Planning a wedding is something that is massively important. I think you need to assess your tastes when trying to plan your big day. Preparing for your invitations, planning to buy silicone ring, looking for a venue and more are exciting. I feel like the right ideas and techniques can help to give me the wedding I’ve always wanted. This is the approach I advise others to take. 

Rustic couples are those who like to use natural beauty. Focusing on the beauty of nature is a popular theme at weddings these days. I’d suggest that weddings that avoid modernity should focus on going more eco-friendly.

I always recommend that couples consider the theme of their big day. It is so important for getting the right tone, and I think that makes it more enjoyable. So, I’m going to suggest some excellent eco ideas for rustic couples. 

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Traditionalists can use these suggestions to get the special day they’ve always wanted. 

1. Choose a Barn

Most eco weddings I attend start with the venue to set the theme of the day. And this is why I think a barn or farmhouse makes the perfect wedding venue. There are so many different locations that would be ideal. 

But I think a barn wedding venue is an ideal choice for an eco-experience. It’s got that rustic look and feels about it. And it’s that celebration of the natural world that makes it perfect. 

2. Local Suppliers

Another idea that’s going to really make an eco-wedding possible is using local suppliers. I always think this is one of the most important steps. If couples are going to be authentic with their rustic wedding, they need to focus on this. 

Local suppliers will be able to source food and produce more natural, and it will be tastier. I always love to help out local businesses, and this is a great way I feel people can do that. There are so many options in Southern Maine, I went with Catherine J. Gross Photography.

3. Seasonal Food

Seasonal food is always the best part of a wedding in my book. I love attending different weddings and being treated to delicious seasonal food. I mentioned local suppliers above, and that feeds neatly into this. 

Couples making sure they pick a delightful, seasonal menu is so important. Most venues will offer you an extensive food menu that you can use to make the best wedding choice. 

4. Recycle and Upcycle

If you’re looking for the perfect eco wedding, I recommend a focus on recycling and upcycling. Recycling your wedding wastes helps you give back to the environment. What’s more, I love the idea of upcycling because it adds a unique edge to the big day. 

Being able to reuse something as something completely different is vitally important. And, to make things even better, you can use natural materials for your wedding too. This is definitely going to make the upcycling experience much better.

5. Woodland Wedding

I think that one of the best choices you can make for an eco wedding would be a woodland wedding. This is such a great way of being at one with nature and making the most of what’s around you. I’d also say that a woodland wedding is perfect for photos. 

Any good eco-friendly wedding photographer will have a field day in a woodland setting. Think about how amazing this will be for photos and the general ambiance of the day.

6. Rustic Clothing

To cap off your big day, you need some rustic clothing. Being eco-friendly as a bride and groom is something that takes work. I think that going for rustic clothing can be an excellent way of having a unique wedding day. The groom wearing browns and greys is a wonderful way of giving that rustic feel. 

You should also go for a rustic wedding dress too. In fact, you might even decide to make some of the clothes yourself. This is definitely an excellent eco-friendly approach that I feel will make a big difference to your day. 

I attend a lot of weddings, and the best ones are always those with a theme. There doesn’t have to be anything specific, just that the couple has a vision. It’s so much easier to capture the essence of a wedding that is organised. People need to be focused on what their rustic wedding is like. 

If you’re looking for the best eco-friendly wedding, use my ideas. There’s a lot that can be done to achieve this. Make the most of the eco ideas I’ve presented, and if you’re looking for more eco inspiration, check out these 7 farm wedding ideas

A day to remember should be a green-oriented wedding extravaganza!

*Images in this post are courtesy of perfectmoment.net.au