3 Reasons to Honeymoon in West Palm Beach

The top honeymoon destinations and guided tours in the world include exotic locations like Hawaii, French Polynesia, Venice, and the Bahamas. But if you aren’t made of money, you’ll choose a honeymoon trip that’s a little closer to home.

If you crave a beach vacation with fantastic weather and warm water, West Palm Beach is a great option. Here are three reasons you’ll be glad you chose to vacation here

You can spend lots of time on the water

You certainly have the option to lounge on the beach or shop in West Palm Beach’s commercial district, but if you spend your time there, you’ll miss all the opportunities to get in and on the water.To start off your trip, check out one of the West Palm Beach boat tours. There are a variety of options to choose from, including Manatee Lagoon, Peanut Island, bay cruising, and more. You’ll likely see marine wildlife and take in the gorgeous views of the West Palm Beach skyline.

You could also rent a paddle board and see the lagoon in that way. Don’t be surprised if you see a turtle or manatee in the crystal clear waters as you smoothly glide along. If you want a better chance at seeing such wildlife, book one of the snorkeling tours.  

Other options for water recreation include parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, or simply floating along in the blue, buoyant water that’s temperate all year long.

You can spend your time on exclusive islands

Who says you need to visit a Caribbean island to be surrounded by water and beauty? West Palm Beach actually has several islands where you and your new spouse can enjoy the warm weather, beaches, and water sports.

These islands are much more populated than what you’d imagine for Caribbean islands, however. Singer Island, for example, is a major metropolitan area in Southern Florida. There are a lot of residences and commercial districts in this region.

If you’re looking for a more private, exclusive island to spend your time, check out Peanut Island. There are no high rises on this island, but you can pitch a tent and go camping right on the beach. John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is another lovely island to visit, especially if you want to catch a glimpse of sea turtles and other wildlife near the barrier reef.

You’ll get to see a lot of native wildlife

If you’ve spent a few days on the water and you’re ready to see a little more of what West Palm Beach has to offer, head first to the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society. They have 23 acres of native plant and animal life, including many endangered species. You can even take a boat tour to see alligators in their native swamp habitat.

The Lion Country Safari is another fun place to visit, although the wildlife here isn’t native to Florida. It’s your typical safari-style park where rhinos and giraffes roam freely. You’ll drive through a park without cages, viewing wildlife in a simulation of their natural habitats.  

If you haven’t seen enough of the aquatic life yet, there are aquariums and centers where you can swim with dolphins. A guided tour through Manatee Lagoon, where manatees hang out throughout the year, is also highly recommended.

After spending a week or two in West Palm Beach, you’ll see why it’s one of the most underrated destinations in Florida. You and your new spouse can relax, enjoy new experiences, and bond even more as you start your new life as one.