Glo Online yoga classes

Glo: The Best Choice for Yoga for Beginners

Finding the right yoga for beginners’ classes can be difficult. Some people just sign up for a class without knowing what they’re getting. Others end up trapped in a subscription plan that really doesn’t work for them.

Instead of worrying about it, online yoga for beginners courses exist. These classes are meant to be self-paced and highly informative, all while helping you keep literal and scheduling flexibility. Whether you’re a teacher or not there is a 300 hour yoga teacher training class open to anyone if you are interested.


The commitment to an online course is a lot less than to a physical one. Even going to a physical studio nearby needs drive time. Then there’s the fact that yoga for beginners happens in a specific time slot. What happens if your boss has you work late?

Online yoga classes have a fix for that. Rather than you miss classes because life happens, you have the choice to keep your commitment later. With Glo, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, your class is there. It’s much easier to keep that commitment to learning yoga going when exterior things cannot derail your practice.


Everyone has a different opinion on how many major styles of yoga there are. Answers range from 8 to around 20, and then there are different practices within those styles. If you’re looking at class schedules as a beginner, it’s difficult to tell which yoga practice would be right for you. If you sign up for classes, most of the time, you’re signing up to learn one style and that’s it.

The class style may not be the right style for you, or the studio you try with may not be the right space for your practice. Online yoga classes for beginners take away those factors. Glo offers several styles at the beginner level and is constantly expanding their offerings. The studio space is where ever you want it to be.


Yoga for beginners is often difficult to find in the right time slot and class size to work for everyone. After all, you’re trying to start a new, healthy practice, not spend all your time in the gym. That’s where the flexibility is most needed.

In effect, gyms and yoga studios offer classes when they think or have data to prove people will show up. However, each facility only has so much space to offer so many classes at a time. Online yoga classes for beginners have no such restriction.

Another factor is class size. All classes move at the average pace the instructor sets. If you’re just starting out, it may take you a little time to acclimate to the practice. That time means you may end up feeling discouraged in a class that’s moving too fast for you. That adjustment time is normal, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Online yoga classes are self-paced, making them easier for beginners to follow.

Parting Words

It’s important for people looking at yoga for beginners’ classes to recognize what they’re signing up for, both time and style wise. Online yoga class services like Glo offer options for beginners which for many will suit them better than physical location options. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look.