Your “To Do” List for Becoming A Professional Film Producer

Hollywood is one of the most fascinating industries on the planet. The full-tilt dedication toward crafting big-budget entertainment requires a proverbial army of professionals in order to accomplish the task. From actors and writers to gaffers and directors, there seems to be no end to the professions required to complete a film. Yet, for all of these jobs, a film still would not be possible without the assistance of a film producer, otherwise known as a movie producer. Producers are the hidden engines that keep the filmmaking world progressing. Today, we are going to outline how YOU can become a successful movie producer.

Simple Guide to Becoming a Producer

The act of producing is dramatically different from other facets of the production world. A producer is, in a sense, the heart of the project. Producers will don many different hats during the creation of their project. From working toward developing the concept of the film to finding the funding, actors, and crew members, producers are involved in every step of the process. Producers will also be charged with finding the finances required to craft their project. There are many different types of producers for different subsets of the field. However, you’ll still need to follow the same core steps in order to score yourself a job in the profession.

1) Attend Film School – While film producers aren’t going to be writing scripts from scratch or even handling a camera, they’ll still need to be familiar with the industry. Attending a two or four-year film school can be the perfect way to become immersed in the field. Producers will learn the ins and outs of a movie set, where to find vintage movie props for sale, how a film is made, and what will be expected of them once they enter the workforce. Students will also be able to network with the talent of tomorrow during their studies.

2) Find Your Market – The film industry is notoriously closed off to the outside world. You can’t simply become a movie producer where you are at. Instead, you have to go to where the films are. Right now, the major filmmaking destinations in the United States are Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta.  If you want to seriously pursue this field, you need to be where the action is.

3) Pursue an Internship – The only way to find success as a filmmaker is by actively practicing the craft. Unfortunately, you can’t go straight from graduation to your first major project. Instead, you are going to have to work your way up the ladder. Start by taking on an internship at a reputable studio that is known for doing quality work. Absorb as much information as you can while angling for a job. 

Filmmaking is rarely a linear path, and that is, even more, the case when it comes to producing. In order to become a producer, you need to network, study, and ingratiate yourself within the field. With enough effort and preparation, you’ll be able to eventually make your dreams come true.