Workout Blues After Christmas? Challenge Yourself And Your Workout Stronger!

Feeling the workout blues during the holidays and looking to find ways to challenge yourself to achieve more?  Every workout is a successful workout, although some far more than others. Peloton defines a successful workout by getting going on their equipment.  Others define it by the amount they sweat. In reality, it’s truly measured by how you feel at the end of a workout – and long after that.  Understanding our body mechanics during a workout is one way to challenge ourselves and work harder and more efficiently.

Working out is good for us in many ways – from our brains to our bodies.  Peloton is challenging us to increase our endorphins through exercise in the morning – while other companies look at how we react all day long.  In fact, the way we sweat is also a well-known measurement of exercise success and body chemistry. It’s our body’s natural way to send toxins packing.  As an exercise enthusiast, Peloton enthusiast, and one who is always trying to take my personal exercise up a notch, when I hear about a product that works, I know it’s time to review it.

My feeling of accomplishment comes in three ways: first, when I complete a program (whether on a bike, treadmill, or a class).  Second, I measure myself in how I feel after I exercise and I monitor how long it takes me to calm down physically, while watching how long my feelings of workout success last.  Finally, I am consciously aware of how much I sweat, because to me, sweat equals work and when I sweat more, I know I worked harder.  

Now I know we aren’t all the same about our exercise; however, we do all sweat, and it’s a medical fact that everyone sweats differently.  When I think about my “problem areas” (ok, those I deem to be a problem), I am overly conscious about change there. When I sweat more, I know that I am making a bigger dent in them.  So, when I found out there was a way to exercise the same way, but increase my sweat production in my problem areas, I was all for trying it.  

So, after careful consideration (which didn’t take long), I decided to try SweatZone.  SweatZone is a natural product designed to help the body sweat more in specific areas while removing toxins at the same time.   My expectations were high but so were my results. I noticed a change from my very first use. Ten days later, my clothes felt different.  And to date, I am using SweatZone each time I exercise – and even sometimes when I don’t.

Each year, I try to think about what I have accomplished.  It’s a natural thought – my personal “in” and “out” list, helping me plan for the new year.  For 2020, my Peloton is still “in” and so is SweatZone. So are some of my favorite diet, travel, and lifestyle habits.  My main goal for 2020 is to stay healthy and keep on track. Products like SweatZone make me feel more confident. Each time I exercise with it, I notice more improvement.  With that improvement comes confidence. My goal, one day, is to feel that my “problem areas” are gone. 

For now, my main goal is to keep on trucking…on the treadmill…on the bike…and in class.  I’m also a realist who understands that things take time. Believe me, I know how hard it is to get moving, day in and day out, waiting to see workout and diet success in one’s clothing size.  Because we all know that clothing, not just the scale, is the perfect weight loss barometer for women. For those that don’t know my secret weapon yet, SweatZone is a natural gel that you rub on certain areas of the body so those areas will sweat more.  It also helps with tightening – and yes, I’ve personally experienced it.  The product is safe, reasonably-priced, and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your gym bag. I know that I, for one, will keep using it as part of my daily upkeep indefinitely. SweatZone, if you don’t already know about it, is available in Walmart, on Amazon, from the company directly at  

This year, when you or your family are talking about getting healthier or changing their workout routines for 2020, think about some great ways to make your workout stronger, longer-lasting, and sweat-filled.  My wish for you, my reader, is a new year filled with lots of healthy exercise, friends and family all cheering you on!