Why the Need for Lightning Network Arose

When Bitcoin first came into existence, people were struggling because the regular internet was too slow and not very reliable. Bitcoin mining requires very fast internet and a lot of power to mine. If the system went slow, the transactions would stop and the investor bared loss for no reason

Since lightning internet was introduced to all these problems resolved and people started using it for Bitcoin mining and all other cryptocurrency mining.

Lightning internet has gotten popular amongst the public. Now the video game players also use lightning internet. 

Speed Advantage

The main reason for introducing the lightning internet was to provide people with lightning fast internet. Therefore, it comes in use for not only Bitcoin miners, but skilled video game players also use it. People who want super-fast downloading speed also use lightning internet. 

Lighting the internet is a very simple connection that does not have any intermediary source, which could slow down the internet.  

Reliable Connection

The best thing about lightning internet is, it is very reliable. When you get a basic DSL connection, it has copper wire to make the connection. The copper gets rusty after a while. The internet also slows down after some time. 

When there is bad weather, DSL connection gets super slow, and they also stop working in such severe weather conditions. On the other hand, lightning internet does not slow down at all, and it works in severe weather conditions like rain and extreme cold. Lightning internet uses optic fires that do not rust or get slow with time. 

Security of Your Connection 

Lightning internet is one of the most secure internet services that you can get. The internet connection is super secure because there is no mid-party dealing with your connection. The optic fibers send encrypted data so you it is guaranteed that the information that you send will be secure. 


The need for lightning internet rose when the people started using cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is very different from the basic use of internet. The cryptography was initially a military only domain, but since the locals came to know about it, the general public also needed this connection. 

The lightning internet is the second layer of the internet. This layer is simpler, and it uses only two nodes to send information.  Looking for bitcoin converter check to convert from btc to usd or usd to btc check out coinruptive.com