Why Carpeting is Still the Go-to Flooring Choice in the U.S.

Flooring is installed in most new homes, and while hardwood flooring is often preferred over carpeting, carpeting is still a key feature in many homes. For those searching for a decorative flooring option, look no further than this Euro Paintin epoxy flooring sarasota fl here for it has all the durability and easy to clean qualities of epoxy. Whether it’s a throw rug or wall-to-wall carpeting, people still install carpeting of some kind in their homes. Statistically, the top purchases of carpet are those between the age of 50 and 64, at just under 12% of the demographic purchasing carpet in the last year.

But why?

Carpeting is Less Expensive to Install

Carpet is less expensive to install than hardwood flooring. Fixr has the national average installation cost between $980 and $1,680 for 140 sq. ft. of Saxony carpet. Hardwood flooring costs between $2,400 (pine or bamboo) to $8,000 (walnut and old flooring removal) for just 200 sq. ft. of space, and even if you need to learn how often to clean the carpet, you can get resources for this in sites like https://mydecorative.com/how-often-should-you-clean-your-carpets-a-complete-cleaning-guide/.

When installing carpeting, it’s less expensive than hardwood in all cases.

Added Safety for Kids and Seniors

Hardwood flooring has a nice, appealing look, but it’s also not the safest option. Carpeting provides traction and cushioning – hardwood flooring does not. It’s easier to slip and fall on hardwood than carpet.

Slip-resistant by nature, carpet is a great option when kids are running around the home or someone with mobility issues is walking in the room. Also read about the best dogs for seniors.

“With traditional hard surface flooring, slips and falls can occur when the flooring becomes wet or stained. With carpeting, businesses do not have to worry about accidents such as these,” explains Magic Carpets flooring.

Furniture placed on carpeting is also less likely to slide around. The added traction will be a major benefit to older homeowners that may lean on furniture when they walk and fall because the furniture slides.

Sound Reduction

Hardwood flooring does not absorb sound. The sound will bounce off of the flooring rather than be absorbed by carpeting. If you’ve ever noticed that apartments opt for carpeting, it’s because the carpeting will:

·         Absorb impact of foot steps

·         Block sounds from upper floors

·         Absorb echoes

If you have children or pets, carpeting will keep sound to a minimum compared to hardwood flooring, which will not absorb sound. Upstairs noise will be much louder with hard flooring than if carpeting was installed.

Carpeting Provides Warmth and Insulation

Carpeting can be thick or thin, but it still provides more insulation to the home. Chilly bedrooms or dark offices are key rooms where you’ll want to install carpeting. These rooms will be better insulated thanks to carpeting.

When installed properly, carpeting will also have under-padding, which acts as an additional layer of insulation.

The grade and weight of the material may even add R-value to the home.

Easier to Maintain Carpeting

Carpeting requires you to bring out your vacuum to clean the floor. Hardwood flooring requires you to sweep and mop the flooring. Hardwood also attracts more dust, which is not good if you have allergies or difficulty breathing.

Overall, carpet is the cheaper choice that offers better sound proofing, slip-resistance and is easier to clean than hardwood flooring. Carpet also provides much better cushioning if a slip and fall occurs.