Top 7 Home Design Trends in 2019

A new year ushers in new design trends for people to follow. This year’s trends are filled with unique looks that go beyond the gold subway tiles and exposed lighting that were popular in 2018. We’re seeing a lot of unique trends this year, such as:

1. Natural Elements and Décor

The natural look is in, and it’s these natural elements that are a top trend. We’re seeing elements that bring the outdoors indoors, and organic elements are starting to pop up in homes. The common materials that are being added to homes include:

·         Copper

·         Stone

·         Granite

·         Concrete

Add natural elements to your home to give it that urban look that you desire. And if you’re planning to maximize your outdoor space, then you may consider getting California Backyard patio furniture items from poly outdoor furniture retail shops.

2. Custom Media Walls

Custom media wall trends are on-the-rise, and these walls are incorporating the natural stone and wood that we’ve seen in the first point. Thunderbird Media Wall has a lot of great examples of media walls that have recessed lights and fireplaces. These elements add texture to walls and allow homeowners to utilize a space exactly how they want.

3. Velvet is Back in Style

Velvet is back in style, and it’s an old trend that offers a multi-dimensional look. The fabric was in style decades ago, but interior designers are seeing more and more homeowners loving the soft velvet furnishings that their grandparents enjoyed.

We’re seeing velvet couches and seats grow in popularity.

4. Florals are Also Back in Style

If you go back to the 70s and 80s, you’ll find that homes had floral patterns for wallpaper. The look may be a bit “tacky” today, but it was once the go-to style. This yea,r the floral patterns of the past have been modernized.

Smaller in design than the older floral patterns, these wallpapers offer playful scales and provide contrasting color to the walls.

These florals offer a new style to the home, especially when the home is filled with natural light.

5. Brass is Making Its Way into Homes

Brass is starting to make its way back in homes on faucets, and hot and cold-water knobs. The brass accents are back in style, while chrome, polished nickel and even stainless-steel fall to the wayside.

The brass color is natural and provides elegance to the simplest of spaces.

6. Black and White Décor Choices

Natural elements in the home are not the only choice in design this year. We’re also seeing a lot of people go back to the white and black décor styles. Timeless in style, the black and white trend includes everything from furniture to cushions and even shutters and mantels. If you decide to repaint your walls, you might want to hire professional painters to get the best results.

7. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are nothing new, but it has been a declining trend for decades until now. These beautiful designs with vibrant colors that are bold and often include oversized patterns are being seen in bathrooms around the world.

Tiling is a popular choice for these patterns, which are often added as backsplashes or shower walls.

Geometric throws are also becoming popular, and they’re widely available online and in retail stores.

When it comes to design trends, these are just a few of the top choices in 2019. But before you know it, the cycle will continue and these trends will lose their popularity and give way for new, interesting trends to develop.