Throwing a Great Party

What’s more fun than a great party? A daytime get-together or a birthday night of fun surrounded by friends is the perfect way to relax. It’s even more rewarding being the host when everything from guests to food to decorations falls into place. Take inspiration from trends and throw in your own twist to personalize the party. It’s sure to be a great time!

Type of Party

A preliminary step is deciding what type of party you throw. You might have a purpose, which makes it easier to decide many factors. Maybe you’re planning a graduation party for a family member. This often happens after the graduation ceremony, and includes family and select friends. If the event is a birthday party for a friend, think about what kind of celebration that friend would enjoy the most. If your party is just for mingling on a fun night, you have more freedom on food and location. Some events require a more closed guest list, while some allow a variety of circles to mix. The size of the event also limits your venue options. Take all of this into account when making these party decisions.


Set the tone for an exciting party by decorating your location. Consider choosing a theme to tie all of the decorations, music and food together. A birthday in a reserved party room at a nice restaurant can be made even more decorative with an attractive birthday sign. Avoid bright, kid-friendly colors in exchange for a more toned-down look in clean colors. Add classy rose-gold or silver balloons for a fun touch.

A change of venue to an apartment or a bungalow event space rental for a more intimate party lends itself to more variety in decorations. Find high-quality photos of the birthday person with friends. Send these off to receive them as canvas prints for the perfect personalized decoration. Place them around the party space so guests can roam and enjoy the homage to the guest of honor. If you have the time, other homemade decorations like fun garland, are easy to make.


Music serves to bring people together. If you’re having different circles of friends as guests, music can be the best way to break the ice. Put some time into making an appealing playlist for dancing and relaxing. Start with some newer hits and include old-school tunes for nostalgia. Introduce another level of entertainment to the party with favors that everyone can enjoy. From usable glassware to candy or other fun favors, there are so many options to explore. Try personalized shot glasses to commemorate a bachelor or bachelorette evening. Compile an assortment of popular candy for a goody bag throwback.

Glow sticks and light up glasses are always a hit to brighten the night. For kid’s birthday parties, bounce house inflatables would be a great source of entertainment for the children in attendance. You may also consider Kids Birthday Party Packages, which are designed to cater to children aged one through twelve, and a variety of packages to fit different tastes, budgets, and preferences so that parents can enjoy the party as much as the little ones. 

Menu Planning

Planning ahead takes some of the stress away the day of your party. Make a list of groceries that you can buy in advance and complete this step at least a week before; a more detailed grocery shopping session can happen the day before.

Throwing a dinner party? Stick to recipes that you’ve made before (for less stress) and that you can prep the night before. Furthermore, ensure you are mindful of your guests’ allergies, and this includes being aware of potential considerations related to allergy steroid shots and their risks.

If your party is casual, consider finger foods that are easier to prepare and set out. Don’t forget drinks! Organize food and drinks in a sensible fashion for an appealing touch.

Invest time into making each aspect of your party fun, but don’t forget to enjoy it in the end. As the host it can get overwhelming but set the tone by appreciating your own details so everyone else can too.