Signs That Your Friend or Significant Other is Struggling With Substance Abuse

Substance abuse impacts all walks of life regardless of economic class, race, gender, or religion. The truth is that a person can fall into an addiction quite quickly depending on a variety of factors. A family history of substance abuse is one of these factors as addictive personalities can run in families. Certain families struggle with alcoholism which should be a warning sign to limit the amount that you drink regularly. The amount of alcohol sold during the pandemic was so immense that major beer companies were struggling to find an adequate number of aluminum cans.

The following are signs that your friend or significant other is struggling with substance abuse. 

Withdrawing From Friends/Activities They Enjoy

Most people try to hide their addictions as they are ashamed or do not believe it is a huge problem. This is why people need to pay attention to their friends and significant others. Withdrawing from friends or activities they used to enjoy can be a sign of substance abuse or another mental health issue. People with drug and alcohol problems tend to like to be around strangers that will not judge them. Details such as how to pass THC drug test might be worth knowing.

There is always hope to be found for lifelong recovery, no matter what your experience with addiction has been. If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction or co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, don’t give up. A beautiful residential facility like the recovery center in utah has exceptional staff and proven treatments that can help you build a new, healthy and fulfilling life, that is free from addiction!


Arrests can be a life-changing experience for some while for others it is an alert that their friend is struggling. The best thing that can be done is a pretrial diversion program if this is their first arrest. This will likely include substance abuse counseling and drug/alcohol testing. According to experts like a criminal defense lawyer, completing these programs tends to result in the charges being reduced or dropped completely. Those that have been arrested for the same thing might not be eligible to participate in such programs. The right criminal defense attorney is important as they will have knowledge about these programs and can ask prosecutors about them. So if you or someone you know gets arrested, make sure to hire a criminal defense lawyer as they can help you protect your rights.

Mysterious Financial Problems 

Mysterious financial problems tend to arise as some addicts cannot hold onto their jobs. Others have an addiction that is costing them hundreds of dollars per day. Constantly asking to borrow money when this has never happened before is a sign. Asking about financial problems can be a sensitive subject but if a person is asking to borrow money, you have all the right to ask. Couples that keep their finances separate might have a tougher time figuring out what is happening. Other people with substance abuse issues don’t struggle financially as they are high-functioning. Simply because you keep a job or make great money doesn’t mean you are not addicted to something. 

A Shift in Behavior 

A shift in behavior can be dramatic depending on what substance your friend or significant other is using. Significant others will see the shift in behavior before a friend due to spending more time together. This can include rushes of energy or excessive sleeping. Taking a look at the pupils can also be important as the pupils can increase or decrease in size depending on the substance being used. 

Substance abuse is going to continue to be an issue around the world. Take time to talk to anyone you know or think is struggling as this can make a huge difference.