4 Tips For a Perfect First Date

Statistics show that one of the most stressful experiences for anyone is a first date. Even though there can be a lot of excitement surrounding the event, and the possibility of meeting the perfect person for you, there’s also often a considerable amount of stress. Being unsure of what to say or how to dress can be very nerve-wracking leading up to the experience. 

Sometimes you hit it off with people, and sometimes there’s just no chemistry at all. While there’s no way you can control whether you’ll hit it off with your first date or not, there are some tips for increasing your chances of making a connection if there is one to be had. Take a look at some of the best tips for keeping your cool on a first date. 

Go Out Somewhere 

Even though you might love your new false ceiling and want to show it off to your date, inviting someone to your home on the first date can be considered a little forward. There’s always the risk that you two won’t hit it off, so it’s best if you meet in a public place. 

There are also issues of safety. If you’ve never met before and it’s your very first date, you probably want to make sure that there are other people around, particularly if you’re a female. Choose a bar or a barbeque restaurant nearby that has a casual atmosphere. The less formal you can make the experience, the more likely it will be to make a genuine connection built on friendship. 

Put Effort into Your Appearance 

No one is saying that you necessarily have to attend a first date in diamonds or pearls; however, you should show your date that you genuinely care about how you look, buy designer cocktail dress online, and put a little effort into your look. Although looks aren’t everything, putting some effort into your appearance will demonstrate to your date that you want to be there and you’re trying to make a good impression. 

Don’t Talk About Your Ex 

Even though your ex might be on your mind, it’s incredibly important that you don’t talk about it. One of the biggest first state conversation faux pas is talking about past relationships. Talking about the past can read as a major red flag and indicate that someone has baggage. Stay positive and don’t talk about heavy things from the past if you can help it. 

Be Sincere 

There’s so much stress surrounding a first date about what you should or shouldn’t say; yet, the best advice of all is to just be yourself. The more comfortable you can make yourself, the more comfortable you can make your date. Try to imagine that you’re sitting there talking to an old friend. The more at ease you feel, the more you’ll give the other person to do the same. You’ll have more of a chance of connecting if you’re both being your true and authentic selves.