Dr Jordan Sudberg

Significance Of Health For Life; An Article By Dr Jordan Sudberg

The health of a person is the basic thing in a person’s life. All spheres of life require a person to healthy at the first spot for offering as well as gaining the best benefits of life. Dr Jordan Sudberg says that a person will not be able to achieve the heights in all the seven spheres of life until unless a human being does not possess the devoted to each of these spheres for getting the best benefits out of it. If you do not have stable health or have low health conditions, the following aspects can hinder your way as per the suggestions of Dr Jordan Sudberg.

  • Your will express no love and will have low intimacy.
  • You will feel difficulty in supporting your family financially.
  • You will not be able to serve for the conscious parenting of your kids.
  • You cannot be able to perform well at your work spot as you will be physically too exhausted to be productive for the job requirements.
  • You will be dull and void of life as your physical health would not have enough calibre to have fun with friends and family.
  • You should keep that in mind that a weak body can result in a weaker mind.
  • If you feel that your health is continuously degrading than you should loom for the charity and other contributions so that you can get the inner peace by mending and healing the scars of others.

How you can measure your heath?

The energy level you possess is the basic reflection of the well-being and overall health condition of a human being. The more energy is depicted by a person in the daily chores of life, the more well and healthier you will be considered.

It is no rocket science in the fact that all human beings are exposed to the same time limit in a day. What makes the difference among the day of a healthy and weak person is how they utilize it. The difference is marked by the kind and amount of energy put in each sphere. People usually do not realise the fact that there is some relation between the four layers of energy and health. This relation is known as symbiotic relationship. Health of a person is generally made up from the four types of energies.

  1. The first one is physical energy.
  2. The second one is known as mental energy.
  3. The third one is known as emotional energy.
  4. The fourth one is known as spiritual energy.

It is a general known fact that the majority of people are usually obsessed with the physical layer of energy to retain the health. If human notice on a deeper level of conscience than they may feel that the spiritual, mental as well as emotional layers of energy have a greater impact on the liveliness, appetite, energy, passion and how a person generally feel about himself. The resilience and reliance of a person is also dependent upon the four layers of energy in common. If you understand that how these four types of energies are responsible for the people who use to meditate, exercise, eat well, take care of themselves and feel good about themselves; you may live the life at its fullest.

Now, if we talk about the other scenario. There are people who eat well, take care of themselves, do the exercises and meditation and still feel unhappy, anxious and depressed. Does this thing make sense to you? If yes than you may have thought that any of the four energies may be in less amount. The actual answer to this question is in order to remain healthy and at the prime start of being, all four kinds of energies have to be aligned.

Now comes an important question. How a person can align the four energies to get the maximum benefits? You have to act consciously in all the seven areas of life to align the energy to live the life at its fullest. A complete source of energy is when all the four types of energies are aligned in a proper way.

When a person does a conscious effort of living in each of the seven spheres of life, your life force receives the energy from all the four types. After the receiving and proper aligning of the all four types, a person begins to shine more brightly and can manifest himself into a higher physical energy level.

You must remember that every time a person ignores a sphere of life and do not force himself for the proper alignment of the energies, the life force within you started getting dim. The more negligence will result in dimming of inner light and peace. If you ignore all of your energy levels than no wonder than your energy level falls down to zero and you may not wish to live a life at all. We can give you an example as per the suggestions of Dr Jordan Sudberg. If you are continuously facing depression, anxiety and tension; be sure that you have stopped investing in the family life, friendships, love life, continued learnings as well as in contribution and charity.