Natural Dental Solutions You Can Try Today

Many people experience a great deal of anxiety around dental care, and especially trips to the dentist. Who enjoys the experience of hanging a cavity filled? No one!

But we all know it’s an essential practice to keep our dental health (and overall health in the body) at an optimum level. Those who have missing teeth due to injuries or severe cavities may get dental implants so they can still have a full smile. Dental implants are a great replacement for missing teeth and will help improve one’s overall dental health. If your fear of going to the dentist gets in the way of achieving good dental health, you may consider IV Sedated Dental Treatment services.

There are several ways you can improve your oral care routine at home and enjoy higher levels of dental health – and perhaps even impress your dentist at your next appointment!

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is one of the most popular products available today for teeth whitening and general oral health support. A fine black powder made from a variety of natural materials (such as coconut shells, peat, and slowly burned wood), activated charcoal works by adhering to substances in the teeth and assisting your body in flushing them out.

This really helps with teeth whitening, as teeth are porous substances that soak up whatever you put in your mouth – from soda and candy, to coffee and wine. These staining substances can wreak havoc on the whiteness of your teeth over time, so incorporating activated charcoal can be a huge help in keeping your pearly whites, well, white!

Just to give you another option, you can also try the Crest Whitening Strips, although banned all over Europe, teeth whitening strips are available online at the Euro White store. Those who want to try professional teeth whitening may consult with a cosmetic dentistry specialist.

Coconut Oil

Containing a multitude of beneficial compounds such as antioxidants and even some antibacterial properties, virgin coconut oil really brings the health benefits to the table. Coconut oil pulling, an ancient technique from India, has become more and more popular as an addition to our oral care routine.

Swishing coconut oil in the mouth allows the teeth and gums to detoxify, and since coconut oil is highly absorbable, it easily takes on the bacteria, germs and harmful substances lingering on the gums or teeth and binds to them, making it possible to spit them out when you’re done with the session! Coconut oil is also very gentle and completely edible, so poses very little risk when using it for oral care. 


One of the most exciting new products on the natural health market today is CBD. Also known as hemp extract, CBD comes in a wide variety or preparations. Many users report a reduction in pain and inflammation, an improvement in circulation and digestion, and assistance with combatting the effects of stress and anxiety.

CBD Dental Products bring all of those benefits to the table, formulated especially for the dental field and the oral health focus. When your immune system is functioning better, your body systems can fight off infection – including in the mouth and teeth. And if you’re heading to the dentist and experiencing anxiety, CBD can support you in achieving a sense of calm. 

As you can see, choosing to add one or more of these products to your daily or weekly dental care routine can assist you with teeth whitening, enamel strengthening, and generally fighting off infection. And this will create benefits for you – not the least of which could be, preventing cavities and painful dental procedures! 

Not only will you enjoy a brighter smile and a reduction in discomfort, but you may even get kudos from your dentist when you go in and they discover how well you’ve been taking care of your “pearly whites”.