Must See Cover Art

We love beautiful cover art. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but come on… Books are for reading yes, but everyone loves a beautiful cover. Covers are underrated, cover art is infact art. Artist and authors work together to perfect the covers to create masterpieces. Here are some new releases that have eye catching covers you have to see to see for yourself.

Fine by Amylea Murphy

Check out this jaw dropping color scheme. The warm colors combined with neon mint lettering contrasts perfectly. We love the modern feel and stunning image. This work of art belongs being forward facing on your bookshelf. Order your copy on Amazon now.

418: I am a Teapot by Edgar Scott

We cant get enough of this cover. The man is split in half, the left a rather spooky looking prisoner in a sharp red jumpsuit. The left shows a clean cut futuristic man. The two completely different images of one man makes us wonder, what is going on? Now we have to learn more.

The Commander by Kevin Groh

Talk about a sci-fi cover. This book gives us serious video game vibes. You can tell just by looking at this cover that this is a book worth reading. We love the cool colors, metallic accents and strong imagery. What an awesome cover, check it out on Amazon.

The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing by Bert Sakkinen

There is nothing more beautiful than awesome architecture. We love this cover for it’s beautiful portrayal of classic home designs. It’s clear this is a book worth reading if you’re into home design. See more on Amazon.

A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness by Steven Joseph

We all get cranky, but how do you best portray crankiness on a cover? Steven Joseph knocked it out of the park with this book cover. Showing a frustrated man with a scribbled background. We love the juxtaposed serious foreground with chaotic background. Who hasn’t scribbled in anger while nursing a headache when cranky? Find your copy on Amazon and take a look for yourself.

The Retirement Mirage by Nancy J. Hite

We are getting some serious vintage vacation vibes from this cover and we are here for it. The classic post card outlining the title on top of a picturesque beach makes us want to pack up and head to the tropics. The retro feel to this cover is so fun, grab a copy for yourself.

A Fat Girls Confidence by Shavone Brown

This cover features the author herself, bold, confident and undeniably beautiful. We love that Shavone Brown expresses her confidence on her cover. The striking white dress highlights her warm complexation and fabulous curves. An inspiration to women everywhere to work it! Order your copy and learn how Patrice exudes so much confidence.

What are your favorite covers? Consider paying attention to book covers as works of art – because that’s what they are!