Ejaculating Frequently Could be Great for Your Prostate Health

New research suggests frequent ejaculation helps to promote prostate health. The studies demonstrate interesting findings about the role ejaculation plays in prostate health. Whether ejaculation happens through masturbation or sexual intercourse the research suggests it can help protect the prostate.

Previous studies linked frequent sexual activity to possibly a higher risk of prostate cancer, the new research demonstrates a completely different scenario. Large studies have proven that frequent ejaculation is not related to prostate cancer risk. Men that ejaculate a lot and often actually have about a 33% lower risk of getting prostate cancer. This number only increased as the men aged through their lifetime.

Men in their 40’s that ejaculate at least  21 times a month, were reported to have a 32% lower risk of prostate cancer. They also lowered their risk of prostate cancer as they aged, maintaining 4 to 7 ejaculations per month. Amazingly, men in their 40’s that reported more than 21 ejaculations per month lowered their risk of prostate cancer by 51%. Men being able to maintain an average of 21 or more monthly ejaculations during their lifetime were able to decrease their risk for prostate cancer by 33%. When men increased these ejaculations by 3 per week they were able to reduce their risk of prostate cancer by 15%.

Ejaculation may just be what saves you from prostate cancer

The Journal of the American Medical Association published data on their findings on frequent male ejaculation and the correlation with lowering the risk of prostate cancer. Data was collected on more than 30,000 mostly white men between the ages of 46 and 81. 

When the study initiated, men were asked about their ejaculation habits and frequency when they were in their 20’s 30’s, 40’s and what their behavior was the previous year. When asked about their ejaculation frequency this included masturbation, nighttime ejaculation that may happen during a dream or sleep, and ejaculation that happens during sexual intercourse. The research revealed that most cases of ejaculation were not related to prostate cancer risk. When honing in on the data and isolating the men with the highest ejaculation rates evidence was found that this protects men from the risk of prostate cancer. Looking deeper into the data, you will see not only is there not an increase in the risk of prostate cancer there’s actually a decrease in risk in men with high ejaculation frequency. Michael Leitzmann, MD, and investigator at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD was able to confirm the data was trending towards a lower risk in men with high ejaculation frequency. Michael Leitzmann highlighted that researches can see that ejaculation frequency may just be the missing marker for a healthier and more active lifestyle. When other variables were factored in such as diet and exercise the data results remained untouched. 

It is Obvious this Study Reveals Many Biological Questions! 

Researchers findings definitely raise some important questions about the biological role sexual activity and ejacualtion play in the development of prostate cancer.

According to Leitzmann, sexual activity was previously linked to prostate cancer due to the hormone hypothesis. Testosterone the male sex hormone, fuels the male sex drive and it was known to spur prostate cancer cells. The Hormone Hypothesis proposes that very sexually active men had a higher risk of prostate cancer because they had higher testosterone levels. Leitzmann says this theory has some obvious shortcomings due to the fact that testosterone levels alone do not predict prostate cancer risk, in fact they do not appear to correlate with sexual desire as much as previously believed. If you need help improve your testosterone levels, you may seek hormone replacement therapy services.

Ejaculation in fact, protects the prostate through many different biological mechanisms. After analyzing the data provided by this recent study we agree that this definitely merits further research, such as:

  • Reduces tension: By ejaculating you release a psychological tension, that lowers nervous activity linked to stress. This will also slow the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate. 
  • Promotes rapid liquid turnover: Frequent ejacualtion prevents the development of mini-crystals, which may block your prostate gland ducts, and reduces cancer.
  • Flushes out cancer-causing substances: Ejaculating frequently flushes out retained carcinogens in your prostate glands.

The exact cause of prostate cancer is unknown, further proving these types of research studies are essential, Further exploration, into the causes of and the preventative measures against prostate cancer, is merited. Now that we know frequently ejaculating will help us keep a healthy prostate, lets push for further research to be done on what the causes of prostate cancer are so that we can start to understand and prevent this disease.