How to Throw the Ultimate Birthday Party for Your Roommate

Your roommate’s birthday is around the corner and you want to throw him or her the ultimate birthday bash. This person may or may not be your best friend, but you’re roommates — you’ve created a special bond that can’t be broken, even if you still argue about who last took out the trash.

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While everyone has different hobbies, likes, and interests, you can throw the ultimate birthday party for your roommate by incorporating the ingredients below. If you need more ideas, hire experts like this event planner in DC.

Come up with a plan, but don’t be “that person” when things inevitably shake up

Whether your roommate plans out everything not, come up with some form of a plan so the night doesn’t get away. Lack of planning can lead to people arguing, the group not being able to decide on what to do, and your roommate having a terrible birthday.

Once your perfect plan is in place and you make reservations, keep one important thing in mind: Things are going to go wrong, but try not to stress out too much when these shake-ups occur. Not everyone is going to be on time, dinner could go longer than expected, and you won’t be able to make it to every bar or place on the list if you have a large group.

For example, if your roommate loves to collect toys, you might want to go to the nearest toy store in your area to find something for him/her. On the other hand, if your roommate loves sports, and you plan to take him or her to a couple of sporting events throughout the day, it’s OK if the birthday group isn’t on time. The only thing that’s going to make your stress more, and throw off the vibe of the party, is you being “that person” who’s bossing others around. Birthday parties and getting a year older can be stressful enough — don’t make things worse when you don’t have to.

Do things your roommate actually likes to do

As the president of the planning committee, it’s only natural (and human) to add things to the party that you like. But keeping your roommate’s interests in mind is important. Sure, you might have taken dance lessons when you were younger and love to bust a move as a result, but your roommate might fear the dance floor. Just because you think something is fun, that doesn’t mean everyone agrees, even if you believe everyone is going to have a good time. Your roommate’s interests need to come first and foremost.

A real birthday nightmare can occur if you don’t do things your roommate actually likes to do. Make it about him or her, because that’s exactly who it’s about.

Drop the embarrassing birthday act

Nothing is worse than a room full of strangers singing the “Happy Birthday” song to you, especially when you’re at a restaurant that adds its own embarrassing twist. We’ve all been there before. It might be funny to the people who aren’t receiving this full-court press of embarrassment, but keep your roommate in mind.

The less embarrassment your roommate has to go through, the better time he or she will have. Birthdays should be celebrations in which people feel comfortable and happy. If the opposite rings true, then stress and embarrassment could take over.

Invite your roommate’s friends

Inviting your roommate’s friends should be a no-brainer, but it goes under the rug when planning parties or get-togethers.

Inviting someone your roommate doesn’t like or doesn’t feel comfortable around could lead to the worst birthday ever. The entire group might be friends with someone “everyone loves,” but if your roommate doesn’t share the feelings, then that one person could ruin the entire day.

If you’re throwing the ultimate birthday party for your roommate, then you probably know his or her closest friends and family. Use these people as a guide for an invitation list if you need to. Don’t simply invite people who you think your roommate likes.

Add traditional birthday elements

No one is too old for the birthday basics. Remember a cake, the “Happy Birthday” song, a present (actually wrap it), and decorations.

While close friends and family members might be invited, that’s not the case for every birthday party, especially if your roommate lives away from home.

People feel sad (sometimes even depressed) for many different reasons on their birthdays, and one of those reasons is because they are used to sharing these special moments with close friends and family members. An all-star move would be to call this person’s family and ask what traditions (non-embarrassing ones, of course) your roommate is used to.

Having cake and ice cream, or actually being able to open up something physical, can make your roommate feel special and like it’s actually his or her birthday.

Add some flair to make your roommate feel special

This isn’t a birthday must-have, but it can make your roommate feel special.

Some ideas:

  • Have a luxury limousine service pick up the birthday group.
  • If it’s a smaller group, contact some form of Lexus dealership (or your roommate’s favorite car company) and rent out a flashy ride for the day.
  • Have a themed birthday party.
  • Host the party at a banquet room or in a luxury hotel.
  • Plan a birthday getaway in a nearby city or at a nearby attraction.

There’s nothing wrong with making your roommate feel like royalty on his or her big day.

Don’t one-up your roommate in the gift department

At the same time, you don’t want to one-up your roommate in the gift department. The last thing you want to do is make your roommate feel bad on his or her big day. If you buy your roommate a gift that’s expensive, then your roommate might feel bad because he or she can’t buy the same quality of gift for your birthday.

The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to have a conversation with your roommate beforehand. Ask your roommate what he or she wants, or have an agreed upon amount for birthday and holiday gifts.

If they’ve never had a surprise birthday party, plan one

Not everyone likes to be surprised, especially not on a birthday. However, if your roommate has never had a surprise birthday party before, you should plan one. It’s just one of those things that everyone should experience at one point in life.

This surprise party doesn’t have to be an extravagant occurence that costs a fortune with all of your roommate’s friends and family members there. But it could be.

It could also be something as simple — yet effective — as this scenario:

  • Have your roommate’s closet friends knock on your door on the big day. Ideally, you answer the door and then tell your roommate he or she needs to sign for a package.
  • Your roommate will go to the door, open it, and then his or her friends will do a reverse surprise party.
  • After that, you will all celebrate. For this plan to really work, you need to make sure your roommate isn’t going to be busy on the surprise day and, of course, to plan ahead with invitations and setting up reservations.

Many people don’t like their birthdays because it means growing a year older. However, if you incorporate the ingredients above, you will make your roommate’s next birthday the most special one yet.