How to Take a Great Selfie

The chances are if you scroll through your camera roll you’ll notice it took multiple shots before you captured the right selfie. Everyone does it, because creating the perfect selfie isn’t easy, since capturing the best version of yourself can take many attempts.

The perfect selfie requires a combination of the right camera equipment, light, angle, photo filters, and settings, which can often be rounded off with selfie captions. To help you take the perfect selfie, this article has been written to provide actionable advice on route to capturing magical moments.


Perhaps this sounds obvious, but often the most obvious tips are the most useful. Good natural lighting is necessary for a great selfie, so instead of facing your computer screen, turn towards a window or go outside to bask in the sun’s natural glow. With good lighting, you can also make under-eye circles and shadows disappear. Natural light will illuminate your face and reduce the double-chin effect.

Avoid Shadows
A huge shadow cast over your face is unappealing, so when in doubt either face directly into or away from the sun. If the sun is high and it’s the middle of the day, shadows can appear like bags under your eyes. The best time to shoot is during sunset or sunrise, when light is low and beautiful.

Utilizing Flash Properly
If you want to take a selfie in the dark, it’s important to use flash properly. Snapchat has a great flash feature, since it enables you to hit a lightning bolt in the top left corner to take a selfie. This bursts bright light onto your face, which if too overbearing can be tuned out afterwards.


Some people believe with a genuine smile, no photo can look bad. Try not to force a grin, because natural smiles are better, and if you can try smiling with your eyes. Perhaps practice in front of the mirror until you’ve mastered your natural smile, and that way you’ll never cringe at your selfies again. If you lack confidence in your smile, now maybe the best time to seek dental care in Scotch Plains, NJ.

Play to Your Strengths
Sometimes the perfect selfie requires you to capture the right angle. Take Kim Kardashian, for example. She has perfected the art of keeping your chin down and the camera up. Taking a shot from under the chin will almost certainly result in a failed outcome, so remember to hold the phone so the bottom of it is at eye level. You should also avoid staring directly into the camera, and perhaps even use a selfie stick!

Use Apps and Filters
There are various filters which can make anyone look gorgeous, so if you’re serious about selfies, unlock the power of apps and filters that suit you. This makes everything easy, where filters automatically airbrush your face and brighten it.

Don’t Over Edit
Don’t edit your selfie until the point where it looks unnatural. Instead, use a light touch, and only touch up areas that require attention. Sometimes imperfections are what make us look human, so try to avoid using a filter to its maximum capacity.