How Does Pure Beauty by Lorina Function

Lorina has many years of experience in management and customer service. Because of this she knows how to take care of her customers. She understands that the customer comes first and always seeks to make them happy. Afterall, her products were created to improve the lives of her buyers. Her many years in hotel management help her in her effectiveness and efficiency of her company as well. She knows that she needs to keep things moving to keep up with the demands of her customers. And she does.

Many of her scents are tested and combined with different ingredients and oil to create something incredible! New infusions are discovered every day as her team continually seeks to bring their buyers something new and incredible. Some of them are created at home by her family. Some of their favorites are the apple candle which smells like a sweet candy apple. Lorina doesn’t want to create a product that she wouldn’t want to use in her own home, and because of that, a lot of her creations are created inside her own home, with the help of her children!

However, if you’re not happy with the scents that they have, Lorina also does custom orders and work. She has already done multiple personal orders and custom infusions for weddings and parties. Although her predesigned scents are incredible, if there is something in particular that you are seeking, Lorina will be there every step of the way to make sure that you get something incredible.

Lorina goes out of her way on many different accounts to make sure that her customers love their purchase. After buying a candle for $29 many of her customers have said that once they received their candles, they were hard to open. But because of what you might think. They wrap their candles in tissue and seal them with a gold wax seal. Their job is so intricate and beautiful that some buyers just display the candle still in its wrapping.

If you’re looking to buy some of their products, you can do so on their website. They also just partnered with a new company that has added their candles and wellness line to their website. They have also partnered with several boutiques that were hoping to sell their products and a vineyard that is seeking for Lorina’s products to sell at their personal boutique and store.

In this almost post-covid world, Lorina is hoping to bring back a little brightness into the lives of those who might have been negatively effected by the pandemic. She personally has seen the difference that fresh air and a good healthy candle can make. There are physical and spiritual cleansing agents that are found in organic materials and Lorina hopes to share this knowledge with the world. She is a firm advocate that it is important to take time for self care. Look after yourself and those you love. Pure Beauty by Lorina will help you with that.