Doe Deere: Always Uniquely Creative

You may have heard of Doe Deere if you love makeup or other cosmetic products such as, and especially if what you live for is bright makeup from Lime Crime. Doe Deere has been known as a star entrepreneur who sees and recognizes a need and fills it.

Her brand Lime Crime was born from a desire to create makeup that was bold and unapologetic. She certainly succeeded in her dream and with Lime Crime at the forefront of animal-friendly and bold cosmetic lines, she’s decided to start new projects.

Becoming a mother has certainly been a change in Deere’s life but she has certainly shown that she can handle being a new mom and her career. Using a surrogate, due to possible complications of her carrying a baby, Doe made a thought-out choice to bring Lorelei into the world.

New Venture

Now, she’s also showing the world that she has another baby that she wants to raise, much like Lime Crime. Except instead of makeup, Doe is showing that jewelry is yet another area where she shines.

From colorful necklaces to engagement rings like a 10 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Ring, the market for jewelry is as stable as before.

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Poppy Angeloff is a jewelry line that Deere has started with her sister.

The jewelry mimics Lime Crime in that it is anything but boring. Light and delicate jewelry that is colorful and bright, it’s exactly what you would expect from Deere, who always brings creativity and color to the table, no matter what she does.

Although Poppy Angeloff has yet to be completely revealed, Deere has been giving sneak peeks at what to expect. It may be this slow reveal that will propel Poppy Angeloff into success. If it’s anything like Lime Crime, there is definitely a market for her unique and eye-catching jewelry designs.

What About Lime Crime?

With the arrival of the new baby and the beginning of Poppy Angeloff, many have wondered if Doe Deere will still be involved with Lime Crime. The answer is yes but in a different way than they were previously. While Doe and her husband will still play an important role on the board of directors and in new products, they’re taking their leading roles on over to Poppy and leaving the CEO title at Lime Crime to Stacy Panagakis.

The Importance of Family

Doe believes in family and with her husband Mark Dumbleton a huge part of her projects, she shows that it is possible to combine work and loved ones. They are a strong team and force to be reckoned with and now Deere is taking the family bond to another project, with her sister Kat Dey participating in Poppy Angeloff.

In Conclusion

Doe Deere has always been a creative personality, from music to her early days as a social media wizard. Since the creation of Lime Crime, she has shown that taking risks and making things happen to fill a need that exists is certainly one of the ingredients to the “cake” of success.

Now a new mother, she’s still letting her creativity out with the creation of boutique jewelry that is bound to have as much of a cult following as Lime Crime did. We can’t see what she’s going to do next.