Defining Self-Love: The Benefits of Treating Yourself Better

You’re on your way to a new destination, waiting for your plane to take off. The doors are about to close, and the aircraft runs down the pathway before going airborne. Your bag is beneath the seat you’re sitting in, and your seat belts are buckled on tight. That’s when you hear the instructions on how to put your mask on in the event of cabin pressure. You’re used to this routine by now.

How does this relate to treating yourself better, you ask?

For the most part, people are compassionate and want to help others. During a crisis, regular folks become the heroes we need. Men and women assist people they don’t know unconditionally. You’re no different – you have a big heart, and you feel good helping others. However, you won’t be of any use to anyone if you don’t first tend to yourself.

Self-love and self-care are one and the same. When I was looking up how self-love was defined online, I found this explanation:

“Self-love: tending to an individual’s own happiness and well-being.”

Well-being is the process of maintaining your spirit, body, and mind. It brings you happiness and allows you to enjoy life.

Many people incorrectly assume that self-love is a selfish act. From my perspective, the opposite is true: it would be selfish to deprive yourself of self-love.

You can begin loving yourself immediately using at least one of the following methods:

  1. Proper Nourishment

In Orion’s Method, the N in O.R.I.O.N stands for nourishment (specifically of the spirit, mind, and body).

Spirit Nourishment: Make time to tend to yourself every day. Concentrate on what you want out of life during this time, and engage with your higher power. Whether you meditate for 15 minutes or 30, keep a journal and chronicle your thoughts. Use this time to achieve mental clarity. You’ll be able to help people better when you’re grounded and clear-headed.

Mental Nourishment: Read, talk to people who interest you, and be open-minded. The five people you spend the most time with are a reflection of who you are, more or less, so be choosy about who you hang out with. For instance, I prefer to spend time with smart people because I’m always learning something new from them.

Body Nourishment: Consuming organic vegetables and fruits, as well as other clean foods, is essential. Begin by replacing your regular morning beverage with a green smoothie. In doing so, you’ll be filling your body with nutrition and vitamins. Refrain from eating processed foods, as they wreak havoc on your hormones and fill your body with toxins. Consumption of processed foods results in a foggy head and sluggish body.

  1. Understanding Yourself

A big portion of your life is spent with others, like your peers at work, fellow students, teachers, family, and friends. Do these people reflect who you are, as far as their belief systems and ideas are concerned?

Worrying about being yourself can make you feel like you’re lost at sea, directionless. Understanding and loving yourself is like a rudder that guides you in this metaphor. By knowing who you are and taking care of yourself, you’ll navigate through life much easier.

Sometimes I have my clients make note of when they accomplish something amazing or resolve a troublesome issue. When you write things down in a journal, you will get to know yourself better based on your recorded thoughts. In chronicling yourself, your self-love and respect will grow because you’ll understand who you are.