Become a Nurse Health Coach

At The Nurse Couch Collective, we’ve seen many young nurses become experts at strategizing nursing care and teaching patients the right way to stay on their path to recovery for years. Becoming a nurse was difficult. You spent many hours sitting in front of textbooks and drinking way too much coffee for years. While we may feel like we’re done once we’ve finally made RN, advancing our career is well worth the time and money spent. It’s time to learn the ends and outs of strategizing nursing care for patients who may not fully understand what’s going to be on their path to recovery. 

Placing an IV is easy. Making sure you’ve given Mrs. Doris her medication at exactly the right time isn’t a bother while at work. Actually talking about health to her might be difficult when you haven’t gotten the right training to do so. We’re more than just nurses. We’re motivators. We cheer on our patients as they become healthier human beings. It’s time to get them to understand their health and what needs to be done on a whole new level. Let’s take on becoming a nurse health coach

Fixing Every Element of a Patient’s Life 

Your patient knows the basics of staying healthy. They may have a nice green salad every once in a while or go for a jog every now and then. While a routine that takes care of them is probably already in their minds, they may not know exactly what to do when it comes to staying completely healthy. You know what to dictate and tell them to keep them healthy for years. Having a health plan in mind will help them tackle whatever comes next. Whether it’s bringing a healthy bundle of joy into the world or staying healthy with a disease like a type 2 diabetes, they’ll know exactly what to do when it comes to their health plan with you as their guide. 

Going to bed at a rough hour often wrecks their day when they wake up. Nurse health coaches help dictate when a patient goes to bed, making their work life more rewarding as they skip getting that energy drink that’s going to cause them to crash and burn the next day. While they may think one donut isn’t harmful, you’ll help explain to them how that donut can seriously harm their body in the long run. A lot of patients don’t know what to eat or how disastrous their diet is. We often don’t think while nuzzled up on the couch with a bag of popcorn. It’s easy to eat the whole bag. A good nurse coach helps them think about the consequences of doing so. They help bring awareness into patients’ heads when they practice such behaviors. A nurse health coach helps teach their patient about mindful eating. Paying attention to what a serving is tends to be the most valuable part of it. 

Some patients spend too much of their time in solitude, glaring at computer screens while typing up memos for their bosses. A lot of them don’t know how to integrate their social life into the equation. It’s your job to help them understand that a large part of staying healthy, especially when it comes to mental health, is taking the time to form positive relationships with other people. Psychiatric nurse coaches are prepared to bring their expertise to a patient when it comes to forming positive relationships with people in their lives. They help them understand that their early morning jog brings joy to their life by increasing endorphins and getting rid of that pesky morning blues. 

Healing Holistically

At the Nurse Coach Collective, we bring a holistic approach to the equation. While medication is certainly appropriate when it comes to managing diseases, there are a lot of natural things your patient could be doing to manage their diabetes. The most natural one would be managing their diet by eating foods that are appropriate for their disease. The nurse health coach knows how to strategically plan out a diet that works for their patients and keeps their blood sugar levels in check. We teach our nurses how to plan out their patient’s day perfectly. It’s a plan that both they and their client can agree on. 

Become a Health Coach 

It’s time to stop being satisfied with just your regular nursing duties. Becoming a coach can help you build up a practice and work independently of doctors or other medical personnel. We’ll teach you a holistic approach to planning out a patient’s day. There’s a lot of nature involved when it comes to healing. Finding natural alternatives to your patient’s problems is easy enough. While the idea of healing your patients holistically is exciting, we also encourage our nurses to make a strong note to their patients that they should stay on their medication regime. Try signing up with the Nurse Coach Collective to become a better, more independent nurse today.