About CBD: How it Can Help Your Pets

As of early 2019, there are already eleven states that legalized the recreational and medicinal use of the cannabis plant. Some of these are California, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington DC. This means these places allow the use of the actual plant itself even if it’s not meant to cure or help people and animals with sickness.

There also states where the cannabis plant is only legal to use or carry if it’s for medicinal purposes. Some of these states are Missouri, North Carolina, New Mexico, New Jersey, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Kentucky, and Connecticut. Do note that some of these places may not allow any cannabis product with THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Now, there’s no specific law yet when it comes to the use of medicinal cannabis on pets or CBD, to be exact. Vets may not even bring this up during consults. It’s mainly because of the lack of studies when it comes to its effects on animals.

THC vs CBD on Pets

Cannabis alone can be toxic to your pets or most animals. This is why it’s important that you keep them away from your garden if you’re growing some of these. Even the smoke of burnt cannabis can also affect them negatively, so if you’re smoking this, keep your pets in a separate room.

The main reason why the cannabis plant is toxic to pets is its THC content. THC is the chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that can get your pet high. While this rarely results to pet or animal fatality, it just won’t do any of your pets good.

Unlike humans, pets like dogs do not know how to deal with the sensation that THC gives, whether it’s smoked or ingested. It may cause trauma or even an injury for them, so be very careful about exposing them to THC.

If somehow, your pet ingested or took any product with THC, its effects may last up to 24 hours. You may find your pet uneasy, lethargic, or seem drunk because of lack of body coordination. If any of these last more than 24 hours, you should already bring your pet to the vet.

CBD, on the other hand, is not harmful to animals as this doesn’t get them high. Pet products made of cannabis are only infused with CBD. Some of these products are oil, capsules, and even treats. Some CBD products are sometimes formulated with other compounds for more specific needs.

How to Choose the Best CBD Product

When buying a CBD product, it’s important that you choose what would work well with you and your pet. Most CBD users prefer the use of CBD oil, but pets would also appreciate CBD treats. It really depends on what your pet will like best so be sure to check.

It’s also important that you but from legal and law-abiding retailers or sellers. Glassdoor Marijuana Delivery is a software provider that makes sure you can only buy cannabis products from legit retailers. It’s best that you go for retailers that use this software for your security too.

While you can give any CBD products to your pets, you should also check the other ingredients that the product has. Avoid treats with too much sugar or with chocolate, especially for dogs. If possible, choose organic CBD products.

Organic vs. non organic

Why should anyone care about USDA Organic Certifications on CBD Oil? Well if you are someone asking yourself should I give my pet CBD, then chances are you care about the quality of the foods and supplements your pet ingests. Using CBD oil for pets can be helpful, or in some cases harmful if you don’t know where your CBD supplements are coming from. It is also possible harmful substances may be hiding anywhere in or on them.

The Benefits that Pets Can Get From CBD

A lot of pet owners carry anecdotal stories about how their pets got better because of CBD products. Here are some benefits that CBD can give your pets.

  • Helps with anxiety and stress

There are animals like dogs who can be very anxious after a traumatic event or even if it’s as simple as having to leave them at home alone. CBD can help alleviate this feeling and make a dog feel calmer without negative effects. Weed Delivery Burnaby provides convenient access to various CBD products.

Even pets with phobias can also feel much more comfortable after the use of CBD products. Animals also have the ECS or Endocannabinoid System that can calm their bodies when it’s stimulated by any CBD product. The ECS can produce serotonin to help a person or a dog calm down.

  • It’s anti-inflammatory

Arthritis is one of the most common inflammatory diseases in cats and dogs. Pets with arthritis may appear lethargic or have a hard time moving around. They most likely don’t have much interest in things that they used to find interesting before having arthritis.

The worse is that you may see them pain through whimpers or sensitivity in some parts of their bodies. CBD is just one of the natural remedies for this as it also contains anti-inflammatory components. This could help your pet feel less to no pain at all.

Some pet owners who gave CBD a try began to see positive results after a few days of administering CBD products, but for some, it may take longer. What some pet owners are happy to say is that their dogs or cats who were very week started to be active again because of this.

  • Can help pets with cancer

Just like how it is for humans, CBD can also help pets who are going through chemotherapy and emergency pet care. Pet owners who have found out that their pet has cancer usually loose hope and avoid chemo because of its possible negative effects.

However, for some who used CBD while their pets are going through cancer treatments, they noticed how their pets seem to go through the process without many problems. There are also studies about how tumors tend to grow slower because of CBD. It may not kill the tumor that an animal has but slowing it down can give your pet more chance of survival.

  • Can be used as a supplement

CBD can help your pet become healthy. If your pet is not sick, you can even use it as a supplement. It promotes homeostasis or proper functioning of the body. Studies suggest that the help of CBD to let the ECS produce serotonin or happy hormones can make an animal live well. Keep it simple by switching to these best dog CBD treats when training, or just giving your pet a treat to show you love them. The benefits are twofold. they are getting the benefits of the CBD, and you are earning trust and love. There are a million different treats available out there, but give your dog something that is functional as well as something they will love. Additionally, those who wish to get the best health for their dogs may consider visiting sites like https://roguepetscience.com/products/pumpkin-for-dogs for the best dog products.