5 Unique Ways to Memorialize Your Loved One

Losing a loved one is never easy. One of the biggest questions after such a loss is how to properly honor the memory of the departed. When you choose cremation, you have more options for unique ways to celebrate your loved one’s life.

Create jewelry

Precious stones are made from natural chemical elements in the earth when those elements are put under pressure. Some of these same elements are present in all our bodies. When a loved ones passes, their ashes can be turned into beautiful jewelry that honors their memory and provides those left behind with a way of remembering a loved one every time they wear the piece.

After getting your loved one’s ashes from Heritage Cremation Provider, you can have them made into diamonds, amethysts, emeralds, opals or any other precious gem you like. These gems can be set in rings, necklaces, bracelets, or pieces that you put on display in your home.

Be part of the solution

Reefs are available all over the world to allow you to bury your loved one’s remains in places where they will do meaningful good for the environment. Memorial reefs provide sustainable solutions for the issue of human burial, while still allowing you to honor those you love.

Remains are mixed with concrete or sealed into a reef ball, which is then placed into a natural formation. It will stay there forever, providing a home and protection for ocean life of all kinds. These reefs function exactly as a natural reef, and they are a great way to honor someone’s commitment to the environment.

Plant a tree

Trees are a wonderful legacy. In the past, it was common for people to request to be buried under their favorite tree, and we still feel sentimental about these magnificent growing plants today. Human ashes provide a wonderful environment for a tree to thrive.

If you have your loved one’s remains encased in a biodegradable urn, you have the perfect way to provide nutrients for a tree while highlighting how much someone loved they environment. This living tribute will grow for years and can offer a more fitting memorial than any stone.

Make fireworks

This type of tribute might not be for everyone; but if it is for you, you know it. These days it’s possible to have your loved one’s ashes mixed into a fireworks display so he or she can truly go out “with a bang.” If you choose this route, you can have only part of the ashes scattered via fireworks or choose to do them all.

If you know someone who loved making a splash in this world or had a healthy sense of the dramatic, giving them a way to light up the night one last time could be just the right way to honor their memory. Discuss the issue ahead of time to make sure they would appreciate the gesture.

Take them on a trip

This is a classic way to show honor to a loved one who has passed. Nearly all of us have a trip we wish we could have taken. Whether you take the remains around the world or just to a favorite spot, before the loved one dies, he or she will treasure the knowledge that you will spend these days honoring their memory.

This is also a great opportunity to take family member’s remains to a treasured spot to release them, whether that be a favorite beach, a mountain camping spot, or a favorite meadow. Just remember that if you’ll need a lead-free urn to carry ashes through airport security terminals.

You have many options for honoring your loved one, and hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration. Whatever you choose, make it something special that showcases what is unique about the person you love.