5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Essential Oils

You’ve probably encountered essential oils in one form or another. Maybe there are some in the new bath bomb you just bought, or maybe a co-worker uses a diffuser in the office. Essential oils are fairly common and relatively simple.  They’re ultimately just natural ingredients distilled into oils. There are many common ways to use essential oils, but here are a few creative ways to use them.

Cure ailments.

Many oils can be used to target specific issues you may have. Several essential oils — like rosemary, lavender, and vanilla — can help provide stress relief. If you are feeling anxious before a big presentation or test, you may want to dab cinnamon oil on your wrists, because it will help you feel less nervous. Peppermint helps relieve headaches, and sage calms the stomach. One oil will even help treat arthritic pain. Star anise, which smells like licorice, can be placed in spots of pain to provide relief.

People often don’t want to seek medical help for every discomfort they experience. Essential oils are the perfect way to get relief while still using a natural cure.   

Make cleaning products.

Many kitchen and bathroom cleaners contain harsh chemicals that may not be safe for your family. This can be easily fixed by creating your own natural cleaning products. Lemon and tea tree can be combined to create an all-purpose cleaner. Peppermint or spearmint, combined with household ingredients, works well to clean the mirrors and windows in your home. You can even make a toilet scrub from eucalyptus oil.

Not only are these products natural, they’ll also leave your home smelling much fresher and more pleasant than strong bleaches or chemicals. Traditional cleaning products create an unpleasant smell in your house. Using wonderfully smelling essential oils will help you cultivate a clean and refreshing environment for you and your family.

Treat your hair and scalp.

You may have never considered it before, but there are many benefits to using lavender oil for hair. Lavender oil is antimicrobial and will disinfect your hair and scalp. It will also help stimulate hair growth by increasing blood circulation in your scalp. If you’ve had issues with hair growth in the past, lavender oil is the perfect addition to your shower routine. Lavender oil also helps nourish your scalp and prevents itching and dandruff. Even if you have never experienced issues with your hair, it is never a bad idea to have a healthy scalp.

Save your home and garden from pests.

You can use essential oils and other ingredients to make natural pesticides and bug repellants. These products often have harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your home and your family. If your garden is ravaged by pests, simply make this simple and natural pesticide by combining lemon or orange essential oil with other ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

You can also create moth-repellent balls or sachets to keep your clothes free of pests. Fill tea bags or wiffle balls with essential oils like lavender, rosemary, mint, lemon, or eucalyptus to keep moths and bed bugs away from your prized positions.

Sleep better.

Many essential oils contain scents that will help you fall asleep. This can be incredibly helpful for people who have difficulty getting to bed at night. Certain scents calm the brain and body and help you get a great night’s sleep, specifically lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood. Mist your pillow with one or more of these scents, and your body and mind will be relaxed in no time.

Essential oils create perfect solutions for all of life’s little problems, and these solutions can be easily implemented in no time.