5 Reasons to Enroll your Child in a Football Academy

As football, or soccer, as it is also known, is so widely watched and appreciated, it is the dream of almost every youngster to become a professional Ligamx player, and while they might not reach that pinnacle, playing in a team sport offers many ways for self-development. There are many football academies that are always looking for new players and they have daily practice sessions, which are supervised by professional coaches.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should enrol your child in a football academy.

  1. Learning new skills – Whether teaching football dribbling or the art of good marking, the coach would have a set of sessions that develop specific on and off-ball techniques, with the focus on ball control. Many young players have no idea what position they should play; something the coach would discover, helping you to find the best position on the field. Your child can also gain a deeper understanding of the game by watching a live football match. You can find affordable Football Tickets for Sale here.
  2. Team Discipline – This is something every player develops; when you don’t really feel like practicing in the rain, but you go anyway, as you simply can’t let your teammates down. We all know that sacrifice builds character and a young player learns the importance of maintaining a positive team spirit, even when things are not going so well.
  3. The Aspect of Fair Play – If you want your child to adopt and understand fair play policies, let them join a local football club, where they will learn not only how to play by the rules, but also the importance of fair play and not taking advantage in an unfair way. How you take a loss is also important; rather than wishing what could have been, the team needs to sit down and analyse their performance to see what went wrong, and this will enable the team to improve their overall performance for the next game. Football is certainly doing its best to stamp our racism in the sport and your son or daughter will be playing with kids from other ethnic backgrounds and will never adopt racist practices.
  4. Healthy Pursuit – Teenagers have a lot of energy and for a parent, there is always the worry their child will hang around with the wrong crowd, but if they are throwing all of their energy into football and dugnad idrettslag, this is a positive environment for every child. Of course, if your child really does want to play professional football as a career, you should give them all the support you can by taking them to a local team. Here is a link to an article on staying fit during the pandemic, which might be useful.
  5. Chasing a Dream – If your teenage son is always looking at the Premier League players on social media, he might already be dreaming of 6-figure earnings and every parent should support a child in their dreams. A great way to support your child would be to buy a Base Layer for Football so your son can play and train longer. Who knows? Your son might one day walk onto Wembley as a captain in the FA Cup final.

Check out the Thai government information about sports, where you can get your free NFL picks and parlays which provide information on local football venues around the country. If you encourage your child to get involved with a local football team, they will get so much from the experience and might even end up as a professional footballer.