5 Great Ideas for Kids Outdoor Holiday Activities

Here is Australia, we seem to have turned the corner regarding Covid-19 and after the New Year it is likely we will return to normal and if you are looking for family activities to keep your kids amused, here are some ideas.

  1. Holiday Bootcamp – There are Australian gym & fitness centres that run outdoor fun-based bootcamps, such as  Athletic Buddha’s after school fitness program which is a fun-filled program that will push your son or daughter in many ways. A Google search will help you locate a gym that has special holiday courses for schoolchildren and check out their programs on their website.
  2. Camping – If you have the time, why not plan a camping expedition? We have many beautiful regions in Australia and living in a natural wilderness does teach us important life-skills that could save your life one day. You could search the Internet for learning resources and create a challenging project for your kids to take on, which means they would learn while being immersed in nature. This is a great way to spend a week and if your kids are old enough show them how to plan a camping exhibition and teach them everything you know about the great outdoors. If your kids like running, this is a very good form of exercise and cross-country running is an excellent way to stay fit.
  3. Cultural Exchange Trips – There are online organizations that help students to learn about other cultures through a student exchange program. A student from Thailand, for example, could spend a couple of weeks living with you, while your child experiences life in Thailand, which really does give a young person hands-on experience with a strange culture. Your child’s school might run a student exchange program, so check out their website or ask your son or daughter to enquire at school.
  4. Fruit Picking Summer Work – There are many small and large farms in Australia like these local Horse Retirement Farms Near Me that take on summer workers to pick fruit, which would give your child a taste of adult life and that must be a good thing. Backpackers like to do this type of work to earn some extra money to find their travelling and the season lasts 5-6 weeks and food and accommodation are free, plus they might pay an hourly rate.
  5. Mountain Bike Riding – Your kids probably have mountain bikes and if you are also a cyclist, plan a trip and combine that with camping. Many women are now turning to cycling too and there are some great ladies electric bike offers available click here. If you rent e bikes houston, you and the kids can ride in some of the amazing part of your city. Older kids can be given the freedom to ride when they wish, providing there are suitable venues and making it a family day out gives you all a break from your normal routine. Check regularly for Covid-19 updates before you plan any trip.

According to surrattlaw.com If we don’t make an effort and plan suitable outdoor activities for our children, they would probably spend the time playing online games and the great outdoors is a lot healthier.

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If you can take some time off work, why not plan one of the above and enjoy some quality time with your kids. And if you are looking for a fun way to spend your time with your kids, you might want to consider these big foam blocks, which are lightweight and easy for children to pick up, carry, manipulate, and build into items that interest them most – from rocket ships, to robots, to insects and animals, to a simple fort to crawl in a take a nap.