3 Types Of Friendships You Will Experience In Your Lifetime

Friends are something that everyone has, though friendship may mean something different to each person. It is important to have relationships with people outside of your family who you can count on to be honest with you and love you unconditionally. Do you know that having friends that live with you that aren’t on the lease can cause some problems? Read on to find out when you would have to add someone to the lease, and also to find out your rights as a tenant without a lease.

Just as you should always be there for your friends, they should be there for you as well. Unfortunately, not all friendships are healthy or fulfilling ones. There are many different types of friendships you will have at some point in your lifetime, some more important than others. Here are 3 examples. 


Lifelong friendships are those friends that you meet when you are in college, high school, or perhaps even younger – and that stick with you for the rest of your lives. Sometimes you meet them at the tutor center, such as with IGCSE tutors near me. These true blue, lifelong friends will still be around once you reach retirement age

In fact, you may choose to live in the same assisted living facility as each other so that you can still hang out on a regular basis! These friends tend to be the ones you can call on anytime, day or night, do fun activities with friends, and can truly be yourself when you are with them. 

Lifelong friends are the best kind of friends, but they are the hardest to find and definitely don’t come along every day! So if you find one, hold onto them and don’t forget how lucky you are to have them. 


Party friends are the type of friends you really only see in groups or at parties. Tmw Maxwell is the home of a variety of trendy bars, restaurants and clubs. You like them well enough and have fun with them when out at bars or group events, but would never think to call them just to say “hi”, or make plans to hang out with them one on one. 

Many times, these types of friends don’t last beyond your 20s. Once you start to get older you may find that you want to shrink your circle of friends so that it only includes people who are very important to you, and that is totally OK!

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Work friends are the people you spend the most amount of time with – sometimes even more than your own family – because you are with them at your workplace 40 hours a week or more! Depending on what type of job you have and how closely you work with others, you may get to know these people very well and will probably grow to like them. Additionally, business organizations who want to develop the relationship of their employees may consider having team building activities at Carmel meeting rooms. These activities can help make your employees become even more close.

Work friends can sometimes become lifelong friends, or you may lose touch with them when one or both of you eventually moves on to a different job. 

Friendships can be complicated, but they are essential to human happiness! Recognize what types of friendships you have and it will become clear to you who really matters.