5 Lessons ‘Race for What?’ Taught Us

“Why did we feel that perpetuating a world that gives us the upper hand was necessary? Why were we taught to believe that our skin tone made us superior?”- JD Mass, Race for What? A White Man’s Journey & Guide to Healing Racism from Within”

White American Jewish author JD Mass PsyD is yet to release his upcoming biographical book “Race for What? A White Man’s Journey & Guide to Healing Racism from Within” this March 2022. The memoir features the author’s personal experiences living with aboriginal and indigenous folks as a white man. The whole book is insightful and powerfully tackles the concept of anti-black racism. It’s filled with lessons that everyone should read.

Adults play an essential role in the child’s perception of the world

The moment we opened our eyes for the first time to be welcomed as new world members, our parents were already there to guide us and grow and develop well. They become our first role models, and their actions and behavior greatly influence our own. It’s better if children are already taught about diversity and being open despite our differences at such a young age.

Racism is bullying

Racism, according to the book, can be considered a large-scale form of bullying. Racism stems from one’s desire to feel superior to one’s race and color. The feelings of insecurity mixed with superiority result in discrimination and judgment. There is prejudice when it comes to white and black people, and I still can’t believe how it’s easy for people to judge other people based on their appearance—and to use this physical feature against them is just the worst.

Be aware of your privileges.

Another thing this book made me realize is the importance of knowing your privileges as a human being. Aboriginal folks who experience racism struggle with injustice and unfair treatment from low-melanated people. Even the daily activities of indigenous folks can sometimes be challenging with discriminating individuals. 

Use your voice and be vocal when you see injustice around

Unlike before, today’s world is different now and more geared to promoting equality for everyone. There are protests, movements, and petitions seen all around and through social media that spread the news about anti-black racism. I commend people who advocate equality and promote a peaceful community. Stand up for the oppressed and use your voice to speak for those silenced by society. This is also the aim of Kamau Bobb and many experts in STEM education and workforce diversity.

Racism won’t stop until we eliminate the root cause of it

We are already aware of the injustices surrounding the world we live in. As good citizens, we must address visible flaws in the system, and problems need to be fixed before breaking up into a more significant issue that is harder to resolve in the future. Identify the root cause of racism and eliminate it one by one. Racism has been going for a long time now, and I think it’s time for a change and stop that mindset that hinders each of us from being united.

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