3 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is not something that people are born with or without — it is built or broken down throughout a lifetime of experiences. Furthermore, it’s not a binary state where someone is either confident or not confident. Instead, confidence is more of a spectrum and it’s directly related to self-esteem. Low self-esteem is complex, and difficult cases may involve mental disorders which require professional help. But for many people, it’s a matter of building up strengths and self-worth by using gradual steps which provide the confidence and determination you need to face life’s many challenges.

Visualize and Affirm

Be aware of how you talk and think about yourself. Instead of being critical, consider your strengths and what you do well. If you’re struggling with this idea that everything you do is negative, stop yourself and be more objective. Talk to loved ones who know you well as they may be able to provide a more objective view. Get them involved and tell them about your struggles. It’s possible that negativity is creating a subjective, unflattering image that nobody else sees. Visualize an image of yourself that you would be proud of. Do not be afraid to talk to yourself and provide positive and uplifting statements. Kill the bad thoughts and even encourage yourself out loud. Overcoming the mental block caused by negative ideas is the first step, and you can do it with little things like telling yourself that “you can do this.”

Do you dream about running a business but lack the confidence? Then visualize it. Then, pace yourself and establish achievable milestones. For example, start by opening an eBay or Amazon account with a specific concept, such as “personal health” for example. Sell a few items. As you build confidence, look for a vitamin manufacturer that can help you launch your own brand. These gradual actions can take you from a simple home-based business to an enterprise, but you have to set small milestones which guide you to those goals.

Put Yourself in a Position to Win

Good coaches create good teams by leading and developing talent. Legendary coaches build dynasties by knowing how to place their players in a position to succeed and doing this on a consistent basis. Building self esteem and confidence is no different than building a successful team. To do so, start with any activity and place yourself in a position to succeed. Start small and build yourself up to more challenging roles. This can be done with any task or activity and can have profound effects on how you view yourself.

Start by creating an overall goal, but do not measure success by immediately trying to reach said goal. Instead, divide the activity into smaller and more manageable milestones. Reward yourself when reaching each milestone. These rewards can be simple gifts that represent achievements, such as a coffee subscription to commemorate the great effort placed. As you look back at the milestones, you’ll realize how far along you’ve come.  

Take Care of Yourself

A mixture of physical, emotional, and social health make up the concept of self-confidence. When someone suffers from low levels of energy or insecurity over their body, self-esteem will suffer. You can take better care of yourself here by eating better, exercising, and sleeping well. You can also have a women’s/men’s haircut, buy new clothes, etc. Furthermore, the way you dress and groom yourself also has an effect. These are all aspects that you can control. Instead of eating that bag of potato chips, go for the fresh apple. When you get home, forgo the hours of television and take a walk.

As with the previous step, you’ll achieve results from exercise by placing yourself in a position to win. If you were sedentary for a long time, don’t leap straight into a jogging routine, as this sets you up for failure. Instead, start by taking short walks and build yourself up to a jog. As you get comfortable, increase the activity. Alternate the activity by swimming and biking. As the weeks go by, look back and review the results. Once you see how you’ve improved, confidence will come naturally. Then you congratulate yourself and keep going.