3 Signs You Need To “Check In” With Friends

These days, people are carrying a lot on their shoulders in light of pandemic-related events. Everyone deals with their own “things” in different ways. Some of us just bury it deep down (which is very unhealthy), and others like to vent it as a method of release (a little better). 

Many people have explored high potency CBD gummies as an alternative way of dealing with daily stressors and personal issues. It seems to be working because the CBD gummy industry has grown tremendously. But the main question here is, how do you know if a friend is really okay? How, or when is it time to call in some reinforcements for their own safety? 

If you have the inkling that a friend is having a hard time, you can give them some gummies while trying to figure it out. Most likely, it will completely turn their whole mood around. 

In the meantime, here are 5 signs that your friend might just need more help than they’re letting on.

Unusual Decreased Contact 

So, you usually talk to your friend a few times a day. The last few times you spoke, she was a little down, and now she’s gone dark––no calls, no texts, no replies. You don’t want to be that overprotective friend that looks like a stalker, so give it a few days, and if you’re really worried about them, reach out to others who are close to them. If all else fails, stop by to check on them. You can bring a bottle of wine or a bite to eat to play it off a bit!

Increased Negativity

We all have to catch ourselves sometimes and reverse negative thoughts and words that surprise us. We all have those days. But what about when your friend starts talking about hopelessness, being depressed, or harming themselves? This is a huge red flag (especially the latter). If you catch this happening to someone close to you. Try to find ways to lift their spirits and show them just how much they mean to you. Obviously, if things don’t improve, you might have to seek alternative options. 

Attaching Themselves To Toxic People

It’s unfortunate, but we’ve all experienced toxic people in different areas of our lives––family, friends, lovers, etc. But what does it say about a person when they gravitate towards these types of people and absorb all of that toxicity? This is tricky because, as a friend, you only have so much energy, words, and advice that you can give until you become frustrated. So, tread lightly. Give them your opinion, present the facts, and help them realize they deserve better than that. Sometimes, toxic people are so close to us that we can’t even figure out how to separate ourselves. Unfortunately, as a friend, there is only so much you can do. 

Parting Thoughts

Overall, communication is critical when it comes to looking out for friends. You don’t want to overstep their boundaries, but you still want to be there––totally understandable. These 3 signs will make it easier for you to differentiate normal from not so normal!