What You Need to Know When You Are Being Arrested

People are arrested daily due to mistakes that they have made or ignorance of the law. A simple arrest doesn’t mean that you will be doing years in jail as there are a number of misdemeanor crimes that require no incarceration. Being arrested can be immensely stressful especially if you have never been in the situation before. The best thing that you can do is to stay calm as you might have additional charges for resisting arrest. The following are things that you need to know when you are arrested for a USA crime

Be as Cordial as Possible

Arrests are now on camera for the most part with body cams being worn by a number of major police forces. You do not want to go crazy while being arrested as a jury or judge will view this recording. Be as polite as possible even if you are being arrested for something you know that you did not do. Combative people that are arrested can have time or other stipulations like anger management being added to their sentences.

You Don’t Have to Answer Any Questions 

There is a misconception that you have to answer any questions that you are asked by a police officer. Asking for a lawyer, e.g., personal injury lawyer, and that you refuse to answer any questions will likely not impact you being arrested or not. In cases like that of domestic abuse, there is usually one party that has to go to jail depending on state of residence. The answers to the questions can be used against you in court and will be. There is another misconception that the police have to tell you the truth during your arrest. You will be able to drive on a work permit if refusing a breathalyzer in most states. 

Get The Best Attorney Available 

An attorney can be your saving grace and help guide you through the stressful judicial process. Depending on your charge, you might need a traditional criminal lawyer or a federal attorney.  Take your time and ask the right questions when consulting with an attorney. If they have had success recently when trying a case like yours, you should feel comfortable. The law firm or lawyer like an injury lawyer you choose should be established in the area and have relationships with prosecutors and judges. A public defender is likely going to be overworked and overloaded with cases. A private attorney from law firms like Villadonga & Villadonga will have far more time to invest in your case to deliver the best outcome possible. 

Understand the Bail Process 

The bail process is nothing short of a nightmare for those people that have not been arrested before. You might only get a single phone call to a family member or friend to help you settle bail bonds. If you have been arrested for a felony then you will have to see a judge so they can set bail. You can then contact a bail bonds agency or a bail bonds agent to help you be released. For felony arrests, it can be a few days before you see a judge which is something you need to keep in mind. 

Being arrested is not the end of the world if you respond with knowledge and respect. The judicial process can be frustrating without the right legal representation. Finally, if you don’t want your mugshot to be seen online, you may contact mugshot removal services.