What Are Everyday Lashes?

False eyelashes are worn by women to thicken their natural upper lashes. Everyday lashes can transform your look. Whether you’re a novice or you have been wearing eyelashes for ages, one thing you can agree on that false lashes can take you from basic to that glam look in mere seconds. False eyelashes can make your lashes look fuller and more charismatic. Everyday lashes are made of synthetic fibers, human hair, silk, mink fur, faux mink, and sable fur. For customized lash designs. visit the lash techs at Revolution Lash Studio.

Types of Everyday Lashes

There are various types of everyday lashes on the market which have flooded everywhere, including drugstore, Instagram, and beauty boutiques. False lashes come in different lengths and fullness. Some types are more natural-looking, while others are used for a bold and dramatic look.  Below is a list of everyday lashes available in the market.


Individual lashes are useful for adding volume and give a subtle look to your sparse eyelashes by boosting their fullness. They come in sets of 30 to 60 strands, which makes them the best option to get a customized look.


Clusters, flares, or accents work if you don’t have the time to practice applying strip lashes. But if you’re looking for similar results that of strip lashes but with small workable pieces, then clusters are your go-to option.


Strip lashes are a horizontal band of lashes that are worn on the top of your lash line. They instantly add drama and volume to your lashes and are available in different prices.


If you have dealt with the struggles of applying lashes and avoid going through it again, then magnetic false lashes are the solution to your problems. Magnetic lashes have tiny magnets attached to them and are reusable.


Fantasy lashes are very theatrical lashes which are worn on special occasions like Halloween, New year, or other events like these.

How to Apply Everyday Lashes?

Who doesn’t love wearing fake lashes? Everyday lashes are usually applied with the help of lash adhesive and tweezers or applicators with a very steady hand. Below is the step by step application tips of wearing everyday lashes. 

Prep Your Natural Lashes

Begin with curling your lashes with a lash curler and then apply mascara. You can use eyeshadow too.

Trim Each of the Eyelash Strips

Measure the eyelash strip against your eyelid and then trim off the excess. You can use the trimmed part later on for some extra VA VA Voom, depends on your choice.

Apply Glue to the Eyelash

Use a tweezer for holding the lashes and then dab on a very thin layer of glue to the lash band with the help of a Q-tip. Never squeeze the glue right from the tube directly on the lash band.

Wait for the Glue to Dry Slightly

It is a very crucial part to let the glue dry for almost 30 seconds, so the lash doesn’t slide around when you apply it on your eyelid. Don’t just glob it on and stick it to your eyelids immediately after using glue. Please wait for it to dry a little.

Look Downwards Into a Mirror

If you place your mirror at a perpendicular angle to your face and look down, it will give the impression of a closed eye extending your eyelid. Still, you will be able to see better where to put the lash rather than tilting your head at wildly uncomfortable angles. It would be best if you never closed your eyes while applying lashes as it changes the eye shape.

Adhere the Strip to Your Lash Line

Use the tweezer again, put the lashes in place right above your lash line and press them into it.

Use Eyeliner to Camouflage the Strip’s Band

In the end, you can use an eyeliner to make your eyelashes look less evident like you’re wearing strip lashes. Take your liquid liner or gel liner and draw a line on the eyelash band. It blends the edge of the band to your lash line beautifully.False eyelashes are a great way to make your eyelashes look fuller if they’re too short or not full enough even with the help of mascara. Everyday lashes come in a wide variety of styles, types, and sizes. Different kinds of eyelashes can help you achieve uniquely varied styles. Whether you prefer natural look, light or bold, glorious eyelashes, there always be a perfect pair of eyelashes for you!