The STD Market Will Grow More Than 4% by 2023

One of the most treasured parts of any romantic relationship in the ability to be sexually intimate. This can very difficult for those with sexually transmitted diseases. Many people believe that they either need to stay silent about their STD or abstain from sex altogether. However, std treatment is advancing all the time, so it’s important for everyone to understand all their options. Even HIV Prevention programs are increasing their reach and effectiveness.

Monogamous, Nonmonogamous Couples Report the Same Incidence of STDs

Even being in a monogamous relationship isn’t a foolproof solution to avoiding STDs. According to one study, nonmonogamous individuals report more sexual partners than monogamous individuals. However, nonmonogamous partners were more likely to use condoms with their main partner; they were also more likely to use condoms with other partners and get tested for STDs.

About 25% of monogamous partners admitted to having sex outside their relationship without their partner’s knowledge. The percentage of STDs wasn’t significantly different in the nonmonogamous and monogamous groups. This makes it all the more important to encourage honesty in a relationship–to protect physical as well as emotional wellbeing. Employing a trust-but-verify policy might be the best policy. Regular STD testing can ensure that someone gets the treatment they need should they get infected with an STD.

Increase in Treatment of STDs

The increasing occurrences of STDs have led to increased pressure for better, more effective treatments. STDs are on the rise, leading to a higher demand for drugs and other treatment for these chronic illnesses. Another consideration has been the number of different viruses, bacteria and parasites being transmitted during sex and intimate contact. This trend has led to a larger variety of treatments available to those with STDs. Analysts estimate the market for these products will go up by more than 4% by 2023.

Safe, Effective Treatments

Part of the educational process needs to include openness. There’s no reason anyone should be shamed for seeking treatment and being honest with their partners. In fact, many STD treatments can be purchased online.

“Sexual health is an important part of general health and should be taken just as seriously. Sexual diseases are more common than people realize and should be treated quickly. You can discreetly take care of your sexual health. We have treatments for chlamydia, genital herpes and genital warts in our range,” according to Apomeds, an online source of STD treatments and other medications.

A healthy relationship needs to be based on trust, even if that means one partner must come clean about infidelity that lead to contracting an STD. The unthinkable alternative is putting their partner in jeopardy.